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Building the smallest recording studio in Nashville

Written by Kate T. Snyder, PhD Candidate in Biological Sciences, Graduate Researcher advised by Dr. Nicole Creanza Watch video about the songbirds When springtime finally arrives in Nashville, our city becomes even more musical. I’m not referring to the upcoming concerts in the park or downtown by the river, though. For the past month or…

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Dr. Reyna Gordon (Assistant Professor, Departments of Otolaryngology and Psychology), Dr. Miriam Lense (Research Instructor, Department of Otolaryngology), and Brett Myers (Speech-Language Pathologist, Department of Otolaryngology) at the Rhythm Production and Perception Workshop in Birmingham, UK.

Music and Language: Finding the Link through Interdisciplinary Collaborations

Written by Brett Myers, MA, CCC-SLP and PhD Candidate Music is everywhere – we’ve all heard that before. But music really inundated my world when I joined the Music Cognition Lab in the Department of Otolaryngology as a graduate student. Lab Director Dr. Reyna Gordon encourages her team to be active thinkers and musicians, and praises…

Posted by on February 21, 2018 in News, TIPs 2015

11-29-2017  - Photos of world-famous opera singer, Renee Fleming, speaking with Dr Reyna Gordon and researchers about Music & the Mind in the Wyatt Rotunda on Peabody College campus. (Vanderbilt University / Steve Green)

Fine Tuning the Mind

Written by Delphanie Wu, First-Year Doctor of Audiology student The mind in music has always fascinated me. My earliest musical memory dates back to my first day of Kindermusik. I recall walking in circles as I hit blocks with sticks and shook mini tambourines with the rest of the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed little ones in…

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High-choice, high-status school districts

Written by Kristin Baese, EdD (Peabody College, 2017) and Eve Rifkin, EdD (Peabody College, 2017) One of the major approaches to school reform being promoted across the nation is school choice. This approach states that parents should be able to choose the school that represents the best fit for their child, and that an increase…

Posted by on February 14, 2018 in News, TIPs 2015


Human Milk as a Source of Narrow Spectrum Antimicrobial Agents

Written by Steven Townsend, Assistant Professor of Chemistry Antimicrobial resistance is among the most complex and alarming public health challenges facing society. Warnings that antibiotics are losing their effectiveness due to misuse and overuse have been largely ignored by clinicians and the public, and the world’s most widespread infectious diseases (HIV, malaria and tuberculosis) are…

Posted by on January 29, 2018 in News, TIPs 2015


A New Surgical Robot for Diagnosing and Treating Lung Cancer

Written by Patrick Anderson, doctoral student, mechanical engineering Is it possible to diagnose and treat lung tumors without making a single incision (using only needles)? This is the question we are attempting to answer in the Medical Engineering and Discovery (MED) Lab. Under the direction of mechanical engineering professor Robert Webster, we work with surgeons…

Posted by on November 8, 2017 in Discovery Grants, News, TIPs 2015


What Does it Mean to Go to School? The Sterling Ranch TIPs Project

Written by Kristin Baese, EdD (Peabody College, 2017) and Eve Rifkin, EdD (Peabody College, 2017) As doctoral students at Peabody College, we were given an opportunity of a lifetime: Imagine and design the school of the future. Eve, a charter school founder from Tucson, has a decade of experience in school innovation and a keen…

Posted by on October 30, 2017 in News, TIPs 2015


Sterling Ranch: Forging Education Partnerships in a Problem-Based Education Ecosystem

Written by Dr. Claire Smrekar (TIPs Co-Principal Investigator) and Stefano Scotti (Vanderbilt, Class of 2019) Sterling Ranch, located 20 miles southwest of Denver, is a 20-year planned residential community development with a focus on energy sustainability and quality of life. Thanks in part to a Trans-Institutional Programs (TIPs) grant, the School of Engineering, College of…

Posted by on October 25, 2017 in News, TIPs 2015

Members of the MED Lab pose for a photo.

Medical Engineering and Discovery (MED) Laboratory

Written by Robert Webster, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering and VISE Steering Committee Member  The Vanderbilt School of Engineering’s Medical Engineering and Discovery (MED) Laboratory pursues research at the interface of surgery and engineering. Our mission is to enhance the lives of patients by engineering better devices and tools to assist physicians. Much of our current research involves…

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Utilizing the Big Data Infrastructure at Vanderbilt

Written by Josh Arnold, Application Developer at ACCRE The Advanced Computing Center for Research and Education (ACCRE) is in the process of building a production-scale big data computing environment thanks in large part to a 2015 Vanderbilt Trans-Institutional Program (TIPs) award, but the past several months have seen Vanderbilt researchers utilize ACCRE’s proof of concept…

Posted by on October 2, 2017 in News, TIPs 2015

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