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TIPs 2015


A New Surgical Robot for Diagnosing and Treating Lung Cancer

Written by Patrick Anderson, doctoral student, mechanical engineering Is it possible to diagnose and treat lung tumors without making a single incision (using only needles)? This is the question we are attempting to answer in the Medical Engineering and Discovery (MED) Lab. Under the direction of mechanical engineering professor Robert Webster, we work with surgeons…

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What Does it Mean to Go to School? The Sterling Ranch TIPs Project

Written by Kristin Baese, EdD (Peabody College, 2017) and Eve Rifkin, EdD (Peabody College, 2017) As doctoral students at Peabody College, we were given an opportunity of a lifetime: Imagine and design the school of the future. Eve, a charter school founder from Tucson, has a decade of experience in school innovation and a keen…

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Sterling Ranch: Forging Education Partnerships in a Problem-Based Education Ecosystem

Written by Dr. Claire Smrekar (TIPs Co-Principal Investigator) and Stefano Scotti (Vanderbilt, Class of 2019) Sterling Ranch, located 20 miles southwest of Denver, is a 20-year planned residential community development with a focus on energy sustainability and quality of life. Thanks in part to a Trans-Institutional Programs (TIPs) grant, the School of Engineering, College of…

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Members of the MED Lab pose for a photo.

Medical Engineering and Discovery (MED) Laboratory

Written by Robert Webster, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering and VISE Steering Committee Member  The Vanderbilt School of Engineering’s Medical Engineering and Discovery (MED) Laboratory pursues research at the interface of surgery and engineering. Our mission is to enhance the lives of patients by engineering better devices and tools to assist physicians. Much of our current research involves…

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Utilizing the Big Data Infrastructure at Vanderbilt

Written by Josh Arnold, Application Developer at ACCRE The Advanced Computing Center for Research and Education (ACCRE) is in the process of building a production-scale big data computing environment thanks in large part to a 2015 Vanderbilt Trans-Institutional Program (TIPs) award, but the past several months have seen Vanderbilt researchers utilize ACCRE’s proof of concept…

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Intraopertive Spectrally Encoded Coherence Tomography and Reflectometry (iSECTR) for imaging ophthalmic microstructures

Written by graduate research assistants Mohamed El-Haddad, Joseph Malone and Tom Manuel The Diagnostic Imaging and Image-Guided Interventions (DIIGI) lab is located in the Vanderbilt School of Engineering and is part of the Vanderbilt Institute for Surgery and Engineering (VISE) and the Vanderbilt Biophotonics Center (VBC). Led by Dr. Yuankai (Kenny) Tao, our lab focuses…

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Beyond Politics Cover

The Private Sector Response to Climate Change

Written by Alexander Maki, Michael Vandenbergh, Jonathan Gilligan & Mark Cohen Policy experts have proposed numerous approaches to mitigating climate change, from federal carbon taxes and power plant regulations to international agreements. Although many experts assume that climate change policy must come from government entities, our interdisciplinary research team has focused on an important development…

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Kenny Tao

Diagnostic Imaging and Image-Guided Interventions (DIIGI) Laboratory

Written by Yuankai (Kenny) Tao, Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering The Diagnostic Imaging and Image-Guided Interventions (DIIGI) Laboratory develops novel optical imaging systems for clinical diagnostics and therapeutic monitoring in ophthalmology and oncology. Biomedical optics enable non-invasive, subcellular visualization of tissue morphology, biological dynamics and disease pathogenesis. Our ongoing research primarily focuses on clinical translation of therapeutic…

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The Ice Water Phantom Cometh

Written by Vishwesh Nath, PhD Student, MASI lab, and Colin Hansen, PhD Student, MASI lab A quick look at this device brings an unforgettable memory, and an initial reaction might leave one wondering: Is that dangerous? It is not. Known as diffusion phantoms, these spherical devices serve as a benchmark for assessing the performance of…

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VISE Project Vault – Manual Surgical Tools with Robot-like Dexterity

Written by Patrick Anderson, Vanderbilt University doctoral candidate in Mechanical Engineering In the Medical Engineering and Discovery (MED) Lab, we work with surgeons to design surgical robots and medical devices that make surgery less invasive, more accurate and more effective. One project that I have worked on in the MED Lab is a laparoscopic tool…

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