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Symposium on Modeling Immunity Recap

Written by Heather Darling, Laboratory Manager – Meiler Lab The second annual Symposium on Modeling Immunity was held April 27, 2017. The symposium focused on modeling and designing antibodies, and was hosted by Dr. Jens Meiler and Dr. James Crowe, Jr. within the Vanderbilt Center for Structural Biology and Vanderbilt Vaccine Center. Over 100 people…

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IRIS graphic

Intelligent Resilient Infrastructure Systems (IRIS) Project Continues To Make Strides

Written by Alessandro Fascetti, Ph.D., Post-Doctoral Research Scholar The Vanderbilt IRIS Initiative continues to grow at a rapid pace. The research group has made significant progress towards the definition of a new concept of intelligent and resilient infrastructure systems, that organically interact (i.e. inform as well as adapt to demands) with local communities and decision…

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Prof. John T. Wilson

An Exciting Time for Immunotherapy and Immunoengineering at Vanderbilt

Written by John T. Wilson, Assistant Professor of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Immunotherapy is everywhere nowadays. From advertisements during the NHL Playoffs (Go Preds!) to the front page of the New York Times and throughout the Twitterverse – the impact of cancer immunotherapy is pervasive and here to stay. Whether you are a clinician, an…

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Abdi Nor Iftan Shares Experiences During Africa Week

Written by Vanderbilt rising sophomore Dylan Choi Africa Week sponsored several incredible events including the African drumming clinic, an African dancing class and teach-ins on diverse topics. However, the event I found the most impressive was the talk given by Abdi Nor Iftan, a refugee/reporter from Somalia. While the other events provided valuable knowledge about…

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Africa Week Initiatives: Raising Awareness

Written by Vanderbilt freshman Vocal Performance major Michelle Langone I am always amazed by the ways Vanderbilt implements various methods to capitalize on educational opportunities. During Africa Week, students were exposed to impactful subjects that are not always discussed, bringing important issues to the forefront through a series of events. On the first day, I…

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Reflecting on Vanderbilt’s First-Ever Africa Week

Written by Keith Weghorst, Assistant Professor of Political Science “Elimu ni kama bahari, haina kuta wala dari” – Knowledge is like an ocean, it has no walls and no roof. Vanderbilt hosted its first-ever Africa Week on campus from April 2–7.  During the six-day program, students, faculty, staff and the Nashville community experienced events ranging…

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Engineering Immunity Symposium_SaveTheDate

Designing the Future of Immunotherapy

Written by Dr. Todd Giorgio, Professor of Biomedical Engineering From cancer to diabetes and chronic infections, our immune system plays an important role in nearly every disease. Accordingly, harnessing the power and exquisite specificity of the immune system has enormous – and still largely untapped – potential to improve human health and wellbeing. Therapeutics that…

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Symposium on Modeling Immunity set for April 27

Symposium Flier The Vanderbilt Center for Structural Biology and Vanderbilt Vaccine Center invite you to attend the 2017 Symposium on Modeling Immunity on April 27. Hosted from 1 – 4:30 p.m., in MRB3 room 1220,this symposium will focus on modeling and designing antibodies. The list of confirmed speakers includes: Sarel Fleishman, Ph.D. – Senior Scientist,…

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Enhancing Safety and Resilience of Civil Infrastructure Through Interdisciplinary Research: Vanderbilt’s IRIS Initiative

Written by Vanderbilt Associate Professor Caglar Oskay The nation’s civil infrastructure is aging and in poor health. The American Society of Civil Engineers recently assigned a grade of D+ to our nation’s flood protection infrastructure, which protects more than half of the U.S. population and is critical for homeland safety, security, economic vitality and environmental protection. The health of flood infrastructure systems, which include levees,…

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Introducing Vanderbilt’s Program for Next Generation Vaccines – Integrating Structural Biology with Big Data

Written by Heather Darling, Laboratory Manager – Meiler Lab This program builds on an existing collaboration between PIs Jens Meiler (VU) and James Crowe (VUMC) but transforms it substantially, expands scope, and shifts focus to the next frontier: the integration of big data and structural biology into vaccine design. It adds a comprehensive training program,…

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