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Solar System Graphs

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Buying a star

Last week, I brought the portable planetarium that I run (the Fisk-Vanderbilt NASA Astronomy Roadshow) to a school north of Nashville.  From both the parents and the students, I got questions about buying a star for someone.  I get these questions a lot – from people when I do outreach, from friends for whom I’m […] Continue reading

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For my class…

If you’re in my Solar System class, please put a comment here showing that you’ve found my blog and that you’re following it.  Just post your FIRST name (and your last name initial if you’re Ian or David ;) ).
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Planet Retraction??

In the world of exoplanets (and all of science really), one has to be very careful and very sure of what one is publishing.  Researchers were very sure and very excited when they discovered what looked like a planet around the star Fomalhaut.  Totally looked like an open-and-shut case: they took a picture of Fomalhaut […] Continue reading

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Global Warming Issues :)

It’s unfortunate that these days, “global warming” is such a dirty word; tis a fascinating topic and one we’ll be investigating a bit during our course (in Unit 3 when we talk about the rocky planets).  Despite the fact we’ll be looking at this more later, I HAVE to post about two things that I […] Continue reading

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