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Blog 8 – Evidence for a Europan Ocean

Europa, Jupiter’s 4th largest and 2nd closest Galilean moon, is thought to have a large saltwater ocean covered by a layer of ice. An article from Nasa details the evidence for the existence of this ocean. The first piece of evidence is the matching zig-zagging cracks on the surface that indicate that the surface was […] Continue reading

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When the Sun Dies

All good things must come to an end, including the ancient (at least relative to humanity), life-giving star we see each day. Even though the sun is considered a young star, it still has a finite lifetime, and it will eventually “die” in about 5 billion years. The image above shows a rough timeline of […] Continue reading

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blog post 08

This class opened my eyes to some really cool astronomy subjects. Astronomy is a subject that I never really got the chance to study in grade school. Since coming to college, and learning more about our universe, my perspective on life has changed. Learning about how vast our universe is, how our solar system formed, […] Continue reading

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SolSys2110 – Culminating Post

Over the course of four months, I have learned not just about our solar system, the Milky Way, and the universe at large, but also about the process of science, the history of astronomy, and humanity’s never ending (and really just beginning) quest to find companionship in the cosmos. Before I took this course, I […] Continue reading

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My newfound view of Astronomy and our Solar System

Throughout this semester, I have learned so many new and fascinating things about our solar system and astronomy as a whole. Whether it be learning more about the fathers of Astronomy such as Copernicus or Galileo or mind-boggling concepts such as gravity, I now understand that I have only scratched the surface of understanding the […] Continue reading

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Wrapping Up

Looking back at my first post on this blog, it’s cool to see that my first and last posts touched on black holes. I accomplished exactly what I set out to do: answer questions that I wouldn’t otherwise set the time aside for. The most exciting part of the whole process is that I have […] Continue reading

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What I’ve learned

Walking into astronomy class in late January, I was not even sure if I would be able to name the eight planets in our solar system. It is safe to say that I’ve learned a lot. I think the most important thing I learned is how big our universe really is and how everything explains […] Continue reading

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Wrapping Up Solar System

One of the biggest takeaways I have from the Solar System course is how different perspectives can be, and how they can really shape the way we think about not only space-related topics but life in general. The picture above is a prime example of perspective as almost everything we know about space is viewed […] Continue reading

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Culminating (Post 8)

Throughout the course of this semester I have had the opportunity to learn so much about our Solar System as well as the universe as a whole. Blogging about current events in astronomy has taught me a lot about the projects that are being funded and the steps astronomers are taking to research new areas. […] Continue reading

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Black Hole Systems

Stars are capable of being pulled into the orbit of black holes due to their incredible mass. As the stars begin to orbit the black hole, mass from the star is pulled towards the black hole in the form of gas from the star’s atmosphere. NASA believes that the black hole collects the mass asContinue reading “Black Hole Systems” Continue reading

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