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Fusion Propulsion

Here is an interesting ted talk on fusion propulsion. Fusion propulsion would be just about the only way humans would be able to achieve interstellar space travel. Unfortunately, this possibility is still a long way off, as the speaker Jason Cassibry points out, but the concept is still there. Scientists have long been working on […] Continue reading

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An out of this world semester…

What a wild ride it has been for me in astronomy 201. I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I am not strong in science, I took this course because I needed a credit for MNS and i sounded really interesting, and I didn’t know anyone in the class when it began. […] Continue reading

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Extreomophiles are mircobes that can survive in ‘extreme’ environments. Our knowledge of these life forms forces us to reconsider the possibility of life on other planets because environments that seem inhospitable to us humans are actually hospitable for these extremophiles. There are several known types of extremophiles: thermophilies that can withstand extremely high temperatures, psychrophiles that can […] Continue reading

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