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Tardigrades are the toughest animals that we have yet discovered, not due to their physical strength, but rather their incredible ability to survive. People praise cockroaches for their ability to survive levels of radiation that would be lethal to humans, but the real heroes are microscopic “water bears” called tardigrades. Tardigrades are extremophiles, or micro-organisms … Continue reading Tardigrades Continue reading

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The Case for Tardigrades

I can’t remember if it was Cosmos or Planet Earth, but it was narrated by Neil DeGrasse Tyson. My roommate and I were watching it before bed, and it was fascinating. Almost the entire episode was dedicated to tardigrades, more colloquially known as water bears. These microscopic animals are uncannily resilient. Like, scarily so. According […] Continue reading

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Tardigrades, also known as water bears, are known to be one of the strongest creatures on earth. They are an extremophile and can survive in almost any environment or climate. They’ve been found “from mountain tops to the deep sea and mud volcanoes; from tropical rain forests to the Antarctic. These micro-animals grow to a max length of about 0.5mm. … Continue reading Tardigrades Continue reading

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Space Piglets

I almost fell out of my seat when I flipped the page in Cosmic Perspective and saw the crunched, grumpy looking face of the tardigrade. It had to be an artist representation, I thought, for nothing (on this planet) could really look like that. I was, obviously, completely wrong. Not only are these tiny animals … More Space Piglets Continue reading

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Unkillable, caterpillar-like piglets

What a cutie Tardigrades, aka Water Bears, aka Moss Piglets, are the most resilient species on Earth. They transcend the extremophile label. Many extremophiles are only able to thrive in their own extreme environment. Tardigrades can live in almost every extreme environment. They’ve been known to survive temperatures ranging from 1 kelvin above absolute zero […] Continue reading

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Extreomophiles are mircobes that can survive in ‘extreme’ environments. Our knowledge of these life forms forces us to reconsider the possibility of life on other planets because environments that seem inhospitable to us humans are actually hospitable for these extremophiles. There are several known types of extremophiles: thermophilies that can withstand extremely high temperatures, psychrophiles that can […] Continue reading

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The toughest animal on the planet

Most creatures require a specific set of conditions to survive: a certain amount of oxygen, temperature, pressure, food, etc.  However, some animals can live in conditions so extreme they kill almost everything else.  These animals are called, fittingly, extremophiles.  One extremophile is the tardigrade, more commonly called water bears or moss piglets. In general, tardigrades […] Continue reading

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