Comments are the lifeblood of a blog – without comments, a blog is just a journal and no conversation is happening.

The more you comment on others posts, the more likely they are to comment on your posts!

If you’d like to make a hyperlink in your comment, you have to HTML code that thing.  Use this technique (read more about it here):

From the "Cool Cat Teacher" blog

Here are some (rather simplistic) prompts for MEANINGFUL comments:

  • You made some good points here, such as _____________.  I agree with them because ______________.
  • I disagree with the point you made about _____________.  The reason I disagree is _________.
  • This post made me realize that _____________.  Why it made me realize this is _________.
  • A point about this you may want to think about is _____________.  The reason you may want to think about it is because _____________.
  • (taken from a post by crazyteacherlady )

Good comments refer to specific details in the post and then add to the conversation.  Perhaps you should ask a question, perhaps you should refer the writer to your own blog because you wrote about something similar or refer them to something on the internet that you came across (be sure to hyperlink to what you want them to see!!)

Meaningless comments are things like:

  • Great post!
  • Thanks for posting such a great topic!
  • Cool!
  • OMG!
  • Neat topic!  I think you’ll like my blog so check it out!