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Culmination Post

Milky Way Galaxy over Chile In the culminating post for this class, I just wanted to write about how my understanding of astronomy has changed. I have obviously gained a greater appreciation for our Solar System as a whole, and learning a little about the magnitudes and sizes of objects in space puts some thingsContinue reading “Culmination Post” Continue reading

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Conan the Bacterium, a potential Martian?

Conan the Bacterium, also known as Dionococcus Radiodurans Evolution, as far as we know, has always been pushing the limits of adaptability, allowing organisms to survive in the harshest of environments. Life that is extremely adaptable to almost all living environments are called extremophiles, hence their name. Scientists have recently hypothesized that some of Earth’sContinue reading “Conan the Bacterium, a potential Martian?” Continue reading

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The Great Red Spot

The Great Red Spot refers to a gigantic storm on the planet Jupiter. Imagine the largest hurricane you can think of, multiply that by 1000, then make the entire vortex the color of a penny. In fact, this hurricane is so big that, at one point, it was three times the diameter of Earth. FirstContinue reading “The Great Red Spot” Continue reading

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Martian Lakes

With the intimate connection between water and life, the discovery and understanding of water on Mars has been a crucial point of research that is continuing to be updated. Although there is no liquid water on the surface of Mars, there is water in the form of ice in polar caps and glaciers. If allContinue reading “Martian Lakes” Continue reading

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Mars, Water trapped in Rocks

An Artist’s Rendition of what Mars may have looked like 4 billion years ago As we have discussed in class, Mars looks very different today than it did billions of years ago. One notable difference is that Mars may have liquid water, as we see evidence of this in canyons and dried river beds inContinue reading “Mars, Water trapped in Rocks” Continue reading

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solar system superlatives: Mars

Welcome to solar system superlatives – a blog series where we’ll learn about some of the craziest phenomena found in our solar system. First up, Mars. Mars is home to some of our solar system’s most impressive geological formations. Olympus Mons, for instance is the largest mountain in the solar system, and, as I amContinue reading “solar system superlatives: Mars” Continue reading

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The Secrets of Perseverance

Solution to Perseverance’s parachute code, posted by Adam Steltzner When the Perseverance Rover landed on Feb.18, 2021, the parachute that was used appeared very unique, with a combination of orange and white strips. Coupled with the fact that in a conference, Allen Chen (the engineer in charge of the landing system) said, “we leave messagesContinue reading “The Secrets of Perseverance” Continue reading

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Maybe Microfossils on Mars?

NASA’s most recent Mars mission sent a new rover to the Red Planet – her name is Perseverance. The mission launched late last July and successfully landed just last month, utilizing a variation of the sky crane maneuver initially developed for the Curiosity mission (another blog post worth of material). Perseverance is now searching forContinue reading “Maybe Microfossils on Mars?” Continue reading

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Life on Mars

In an interview with USA Today, NASA Scientist Jim Green talked about the high possibility that humans can and will occupy Mars. He went as far as to say that he sees the first human being sent to Mars by 2040. However, before sending a human to Mars, NASA needs to figure out a few […] Continue reading

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Middle Man Mars

The terrestrial worlds are known to be Mercury, Venus, Earth, the moon, and Mars. While they all have some similarities to one another, like rocky surfaces and much smaller sizes than relative to the remaining planets in the solar system, they also have many differences. Venus and Earth are alike in ways that the otherContinue reading “Middle Man Mars” Continue reading

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