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Extremophiles (Post 7)

Extremophiles are types of organisms that can survive in abnormal or extreme conditions. The picture above is a popular tourist destination in Yellowstone National Park known as “Grand Prismatic Spring.” The spring is extremely hot at 160 degrees Fahrenheit but it is famous for its vibrant colors. These colors are actually caused by a type […] Continue reading

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Extremophiles: The Deinococcus Radiodurans

Extremophiles are organisms that live in extreme environments; these environments are usually under high pressure and temperature. These organisms use certain enzymes, ‘extremozymes’, that help them exist in such an intense environment. Extremophiles were more prominent in the evolutionary history of the planet. They date back to more than 40 million years ago, and they…Continue reading » Continue reading

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The barophiles we have found are tiny organisms, usually bacteria, living in areas with intense pressure. They are found on ocean floors where pressure can reach about 400 atm. For reference, the atmospheric pressure at sea level is 1 atm. Some barophiles known as obligate barophiles cannot survive in low pressures. The barophile Halomonas salaria […] Continue reading

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You Live There?

Before humans and animals and even plants dominated the Earth, it was full of prokaryotic life. Extremophiles are types of prokaryotes that can not only survive, but thrive in extreme environments. There are several types of extremophiles. Acidophiles: like acidic environments, (pH levels of 3 and below) Alkaliphiles: alkaline environments, and like pH levels 9 […] Continue reading

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The word extremophile comes from the Latin words extremus (meaning extreme) and philia (meaning love). An extremophile is an organism with the ability to survive, or even thrive, in an environment that we as humans would consider extreme. These organisms are some of the oldest species to exist on Earth. Some of them date back […] Continue reading

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Meet the Snottite

I would like to introduce you to the Snottite. The Snottite is a microbial mat of extremophilic bacteria that hang around walls and ceiling of caves just like stalactites. That’s maybe why they have the same suffix. But yes, it does get its name for its mucus like consistency but they are every bit extremophile. […] Continue reading

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Microscopic but Adorable!

One of the biggest indicators that there is other life in the universe we can see by looking at our own world.  All around us, in some of the most unexpected places, we can find thriving extremophiles.  These tiny creatures live under conditions that no other living beings on Earth could.  Despite their seemingly odd love of intenseContinue reading “Microscopic but Adorable!” Continue reading

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Blog 7: Extremophiles

Extremophiles are organisms that thrive within severe abiotic environments while maintaining the ability to grow and reproduce. These organisms inhabit areas of extreme temperature, pressure, salinity, acidity, and radiation, surviving through environmentally defined adaptations. Extremophilic organisms are based within both prokaryotic and eukaryotic life, meaning their existence ranges throughout all domains of life. Through theContinue reading “Blog 7: Extremophiles” Continue reading

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Monster from the Deep

Extremophiles are definitely some of the most persistent living beings. These microorganisms are able to survive in conditions regarding temperature, acidity, and/or chemical concentration beyond extreme that would prove fatal to almost all carbon-based life on Earth. While many extremophiles prove to look nightmarish, one type of extremophiles might give the others a run forContinue reading “Monster from the Deep” Continue reading

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Tardigrades, moss piglets, water bears – these adorably ugly extremophiles go by many names. These little creatures are fascinating beyond just their strange appearance and many nicknames. Tardigrades are extremophiles because they have shown to survive both extreme temperature and extreme pressure, most notably in space! They are found on Earth in various environments includingContinue reading “Tardigrades!” Continue reading

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