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Retrograde… what the heck

(Diagram showing Ptolemy’s early explanation of retrograde motion) Understanding retrograde can get a little confusing. Before taking astronomy, I’d only ever heard the term used by the astrology girlies. I thought maybe it was another “constellations are not real” scenario- but retrograde is real! Early astronomer Ptolemy (c. AD 100), as he observed the night […] Continue reading

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A Pretty Crazy Dude

(Historic Astronomer Tycho Brahe) Tycho Brahe is one crazy dude. Mostly awesome crazy. He was born December 14, 1546, and died October 24, 1601. Tycho Brahe was the greatest naked eye observer of all time. He had incredibly great vision and documented what he saw. He was relatively well off and was about to build […] Continue reading

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Solar Eclipses 😱😎

(Eclipse over Jackson, Wyoming by Ronan Donovan via NatGeo) In August 2017 a total solar eclipse was witnessed by many, cutting across the United States. My family, here in Nashville, TN, was able to see it! Even though it was a Monday, and I should have had classes, my school was cancelled for the day […] Continue reading

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About Me!

Hi! My name is Sadie Karr, I’m a freshman here at Vanderbilt, and I plan on studying English Literary Studies. I’m mostly in astronomy for the AXLE science credit, but I am totally fascinated by all things space and didn’t hesitate to take a second semester of astronomy with Dr. G. This picture is of […] Continue reading

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