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Are we there yet??🚀

In my entire life, I have never traveled outside of the country. Most people on Earth have never traveled off of Earth. And none of us have ever traveled outside of our Solar System! We know that travel to the Moon is possible, but is it possible to visit worlds in other planetary systems? Is […] Continue reading

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nASA’s OSIRIS-REx Mission

The sample return capsule from the OSIRIS-REx mission OSIRIS-REx was NASA’s mission to collect a sample from the asteroid Bennu. In September 2023, OSIRIS-REx returned to Earth to drop off material from Bennu.  OSIRIS-REx continued on a new mission, OSIRIS-APEX. The objective of the new mission is to study Apophis, which the spacecraft will reach […] Continue reading

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Far Out, Man

Telescopes laid the foundation for everything we know about space, but they can only get you so far. If you don’t particularly feel like removing the planet’s entire atmosphere to get a better view, spacecrafts do a pretty good job of getting a closer look. Flyby spacecraft are the simplest and least expensive; they can […] Continue reading

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NASA’s MAVEN mission

The MAVEN spacecraft NASA’s Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution spacecraft (MAVEN) is studying Mars’s atmosphere. MAVEN was launched in November 2013 and arrived and arrived at Mars in September 2014. The MAVEN mission is helping scientists learn about how Mars loses its atmosphere and how/when the planet lost its water.  MAVEN is an orbiter spacecraft […] Continue reading

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Blog 3: Lander probes

Landing of Mars Perseverance Rover The lander probe is a fascinating feat of human engineering. These probes are designed to do a multitude of tasks in order to properly carry out their mission. Let’s work our way backwards. Lander probes, once on the surface of the targeted celestial body, are designed to gather a multitude […] Continue reading

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Our solar system is full of many mysteries, and spacecraft are one of the main ways we can gather information about it. There are four types of robotic spacecraft: flybys, orbiters, landers and probes, and sample return missions.  Flybys travel past a world only once, and then continue on their way into space. Because of […] Continue reading

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Since there has not been another moon landing. Until now. In 2024, Artemis 2 will launch and send the first person of color and the first woman to the moon. This mission’s goal is to establish the first long-term occupancy on the moon. This mission is the first step to then sending our astronauts to […] Continue reading

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To Infinity and Beyond

This Star Wars-esque image shows what it would be like to travel at light speed! I have certainly learned so much by taking this course. It has really helped me grow my perspective of the universe and how much there is left to learn and explore. I might not be alone in this, but I felt […] Continue reading

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Blog Post 6: Gravitational Slingshot

Have you ever played with a slingshot to shoot small items such as pebbles as a kid? Astronomers can also tap into their inner child by using a gravitational slingshot in space. A gravitational slingshot happens when a small object uses the gravitational pull of a larger object to speed itself up. Take a spacecraft […] Continue reading

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Earth-like Exoplanet

The super cool story of a discovery of an exoplanet! It’s so cool that an exoplanet look like this! There has been an incredibly interesting and exciting discovery made recently! The James Webb telescope has discovered and photographed an exoplanet and collected data to validate its existence as an exoplanet. An exoplanet is an astronomical […] Continue reading

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