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Life in Libra

Libra season is defined as the time when the when our sun passes through the libra constellation. This period starts on September 23 and ends on October 23. It is believed that balance is best achieved during this time as the Libra Zodiac is said to represent balance, justice, and harmony. Also, Libra is believedContinue reading “Life in Libra” Continue reading

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The Cleanest Place on Earth

While working with or assembling new instruments or components used for space travel , NASA engineers and scientists must make their way to the clean room where they will give satellites and spacecrafts a final inspection before they can be launched into space. As the name suggests this room has to be free of any […] Continue reading

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What Exactly is a Supernova?

To put it simply, supernovas are explosions of stars. They are the largest explosions that occur in our universe. There are actually two ways that supernovas can occur. The first way happens at the end of a star’s lifetime. Stars are able to get their energy through nuclear fusion, which is when two atoms combineContinue reading “What Exactly is a Supernova?” Continue reading

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Commercial Space Travel?

Have you ever thought about traveling to space? While we’re far from intergalactical travel and settlements on other planets, space tourism and commercial space flights are closer to reality than ever before. A year ago, humans were able to access space through a non-government funded space vehicle for the first time in history under SpaceContinue reading “Commercial Space Travel?” Continue reading

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Mercury’s Shrinkage

It’s been long thought that of the Fab (Terrestrial) Five, only Earth remains geologically active. However, recent evidence shows that little Mercury, long thought to be tectonically dead, is actually shrinking! The evidence comes in the form of small troughs (upper arrows in the picture below) and scarps (lower arrows) astronomers were able to photographContinue reading “Mercury’s Shrinkage” Continue reading

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All About Neptune!

Neptune has always been my favorite planet. I don’t know if it’s its pretty blue color, its name, or the fact that I did a project on it in elementary school that drew me towards it, but I’ve always loved Neptune. Neptune is the 8th planet from the Sun in our Solar System and namedContinue reading “All About Neptune!” Continue reading

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Blog 4—Plato’s cosmology

In this blog, I would like to introduce the cosmology of the ancient Athenian philosopher Plato. His cosmology was the first systemic and complete cosmology in the history. He and his most famous student Aristotle both hold the geocentric view of the universe, and their perspectives of the universe were influential in the following thousandsContinue reading “Blog 4—Plato’s cosmology” Continue reading

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Elon Musk and Mars

Anyone who has been on Twitter, or the internet, for the matter, in recent years is sure to have come across the antics of Elon Musk. Whether it be because of his marrying of hyperpop/ electric grunge artist Grimes, his being a billionaire, Azealia Banks breaking in and hiding in his mansion for several days,Continue reading “Elon Musk and Mars” Continue reading

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Space Travel

In 1961, Alan shepherd became the first american astronaut in space who was trained and sent to space by NASA. 2 years ago marked the 60th anniversary of NASA and their endeavors into space. During those years, they have sent over 350 people into space and the number will only keep going up. I thinkContinue reading “Space Travel” Continue reading

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Space Hotel! Who’s in?!

Recently, reports of a space hotel have been ~orbitting~ social media.  In early March, Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC) released plans for the first luxury hotel in space, called the Voyager Station.  The OAC, comprised of NASAN veterans, is a space construction company which claims it will begin construction on this hotel in 2026.  According to CNN Travel, theyContinue reading “Space Hotel! Who’s in?!” Continue reading

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