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Why is Titan Special?

If you are a Sci-fi fan like me, you might be able to recall Vincent hiding his identity for the trip to Saturn’s moon Titan in Gattaca. In Star Trek 2009, Kirk and Spock beam abroad the Romulan ship attacking Earth, while Enterprise hid itself in Titan’s clouds. Or at least you should remember the … Continue reading Why is Titan Special? Continue reading

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The Future of Space Travel

Space exploration is something that intrigues us all because, as Star Trek coined many years ago; “Space: the final frontier… To boldly go where no man has gone before”. We’ve traveled to space many time before, with the Apollo 11 moon landing being one of the most famous expeditions. This trip was so famous because … Continue reading The Future of Space Travel Continue reading

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The Energy within the Sun

The sun is a main sequence star, which means it is powered through the process of nuclear fusion. Nuclear fusion is the process of multiple (two or more) nuclei combining to form a completely different nuclei. This process occurs under extreme conditions and releases immense amounts of energy. The sun, at its core (literally), is … Continue reading The Energy within the Sun Continue reading

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Pulsars are cool

                  Pulsars are pretty dang cool. Pulsars are a kind of neutron star that rotates really rapidly.  As they spin about their axis, they shoot off “pulses” or beams of energy.  These beams are emitted from their magnetic poles.  Pulsars (like all neutron stars) are formed from…

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the mysterious cosmic rays

THE MYSTERIOUS COSMIC RAYS What causes static on the radio and white noise on the TV?  Why do GPS and phone calls sometimes malfunction?  And what if I told you that the very same phenomenon was the cause for the “magical” aurora borealis (Northern lights).  As a matter of fact, just one phenomenon can account…

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Gravitational Lensing

In Blog 2 I said I’d leave this subject for my next blog, so here it is on its own: what is gravitational lensing? As simply as I can explain it: Gravitational Lensing occurs when the mass of a large stellar group distorts light traveling from behind it towards the viewer. Because light is affected … Continue reading Gravitational Lensing Continue reading

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A Life in Orbit

Existing near the vacuum of space poses unique instrumentation and life cycle challenges for the Hubble telescope. The sun’s radiation has the potential to corrupt electronic signals or damage components, so many parts must be shielded and redundant systems are required. Without atmospheric regulation, the temperature of an object in orbit such as the HST … Continue reading A Life in Orbit Continue reading

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The Northern Lights

Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights, is a natural phenomena that is observable at the North and South poles. Named by Galileo and meaning “Dawn of the North”, Aurora Borealis is  a visualization of the reaction between electrons from the Sun and our atmosphere. Due to our magnetosphere, most of the electrons are rejected, but … Continue reading The Northern Lights Continue reading

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Climate Change: 2018 4th Warmest Year

The Article Climate change is one of the biggest threats mankind has to face, and it’s an issue that only grows in intensity over time. Last month, NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration highlighted the severity of this issue in a research article meant to explain the real dangers of climate change. NASA … Continue reading Climate Change: 2018 4th Warmest Year Continue reading

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Expanding a Trillion Dollar Industry

Many are familiar with mining on Earth to obtain resources that we use for all sorts of things on the planet. What many don’t know is that this process can be, and most likely will be, expanded beyond the planet. Asteroids contain many of the resources found on Earth since they are basically leftover material … Continue reading Expanding a Trillion Dollar Industry Continue reading

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