About and Contact

Astronomy 2110: The Solar System is a course at Vanderbilt University.  All students submit blog posts of their choosing 8-10 times per semester.  These posts help to bring astronomical topics into the lives of the students and help utilize the diverse backgrounds of all students.

In this course, there are 5 main units:

  • Scale and Naked-Eye Observables
  • History, Physical Laws, Light, Telescopes
  • Planetary Formation, the Sun, and the Inner Solar System
  • The Outer Solar System and Other Planetary Systems
  • Life Elsewhere and Humans in Space

During each unit, each student must make one or two blog posts, one about the unit topic somehow (they can be creative here!) and often one about an astronomical topic of their choice.  Every post is tagged.

The professor is Dr. Erika Grundstrom (Dr. G) and she may be contacted via her e-mail address:  erika{dot}grundstrom –at– vanderbilt[dot]edu