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Where are they?

The likelihood of life outside of our planet is a heavily debated topic.  Overall, it seems reasonable to assume that with all of the unexplored universe around us, and the conditions required to sustain life that are not all that hard to find, there should be plenty examples of life elsewhere.  Despite this, and the overwhelming beliefContinue reading “Where are they?” Continue reading

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Microscopic but Adorable!

One of the biggest indicators that there is other life in the universe we can see by looking at our own world.  All around us, in some of the most unexpected places, we can find thriving extremophiles.  These tiny creatures live under conditions that no other living beings on Earth could.  Despite their seemingly odd love of intenseContinue reading “Microscopic but Adorable!” Continue reading

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Shine Bright like a Diamond ~Planet~

That’s right, there exists a planet that appears to be one giant diamond.  55 Cancri e was discovered in 2004, orbiting a nearby star in our galaxy.  This star is actually visible to the naked eye in the night sky and is a part of the constellation Cancer.  Based on its mass, radius, and host star’s composition, itContinue reading “Shine Bright like a Diamond ~Planet~” Continue reading

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A Dwarf Planet is Still Cool!

On August 24, 2006, the International Astronomical Union changed Pluto’s status from planet to dwarf planet.  This caused an outrage amongst the public.  Memes were created and shared expressing Pluto’s sadness at its “demotion” from planetary status.  Textbooks had to be changed and the general public was oddly passionate over an object in space’s official title.  Nevertheless, people wereContinue reading “A Dwarf Planet is Still Cool!” Continue reading

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Space Hotel! Who’s in?!

Recently, reports of a space hotel have been ~orbitting~ social media.  In early March, Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC) released plans for the first luxury hotel in space, called the Voyager Station.  The OAC, comprised of NASAN veterans, is a space construction company which claims it will begin construction on this hotel in 2026.  According to CNN Travel, theyContinue reading “Space Hotel! Who’s in?!” Continue reading

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Climate Change – Act Now!

Climate change has already had many significant impacts on our world.  Ice is melting globally, with glaciers shrinking and ice caps being broken up, causing rising sea levels.  This alone is devastating for plants and animals.  In case anyone would like to cry, here is a video of a starving polar bear on what is now iceless land.  ThereContinue reading “Climate Change – Act Now!” Continue reading

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Nabta Playa

Nabta Playa is the world’s first astronomical site, having been built at an estimated 7000 years ago.  For reference, this was when the Neolithic Revolution was occurring, and agriculture was first being practiced.  In order to assist with this, the Nabta Playa stone circle was built, about 700 miles south of the Great Pyramid of Giza inContinue reading “Nabta Playa” Continue reading

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Historical Astronomers in Context

Nicholas Copernicus: Nicholas Copernicus was born February 19, 1473 and lived until May 24, 1543. Within his lifetime, he great contributions to astronomy that inspired many following astronomers, including Galileo, Kepler, and Newton, to test and prove some of the most fundamental aspects of our solar system.  Although it was not accepted at the time, CopernicusContinue reading “Historical Astronomers in Context” Continue reading

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Size of the Universe

In our day to day lives, we feel significant.  The trivial highs and lows we experience daily feel important and quite relevant.  But in the grand scheme of things, how truly inconsequential are we, not only as individuals but our whole planet.  In order to understand this, we must try to grasp how vast our universe is.  Also withContinue reading “Size of the Universe” Continue reading

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Hello! My name is Adison Fields and welcome to my astronomy blog! I am a sophomore at Vanderbilt and am majoring in math. I had Dr. G for the astronomy 1010 lab last semester and thought it was so cool, so I am really looking forward to this class as well! Here is a linkContinue reading “Introduction” Continue reading

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