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2017 Solar Eclipse

My junior year at Vanderbilt University began in the most spectacular way – witnessing a total solar eclipse through a skylight within Nashville airport, immediately upon arrival. Surrounded by a gathering of fellow traveller’s experiencing this magical moment, the moment in which the Sun was reduced to a radiant ring wrapped around the black outline […] Continue reading

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Space is Faster than Light (Blog 1)

One facet of the universe that always left a bad taste in my mouth was the ostensible “speed limit” set by the speed of light (around 300,000 km/s). If the Universe is so vast, why is there a limit set by something that, for all we know, is not what makes up the Universe? I … Continue reading Space is Faster than Light (Blog 1) Continue reading

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Axial Precession and its Affects on Astrology

As the modern individual is likely well aware, the earth rotates in two very fundamental ways which affect our daily lives: it rotates every day and orbits the sun every year, forming these important means by which we keep track of time. However, one of the most interesting and confusing ways that the earth rotates […] Continue reading

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Taylor’s Intro Post (Blog 0)

Hey y’all, just making an introductory blog post for my site. Attached is a picture of the New York City. I am originally from New York, and plan to live there for my adult life. I do not only have a nostalgic or geographic attachment to the city, however. NYC represents efficiency, innovation, and nocturnality, … Continue reading Taylor’s Intro Post (Blog 0) Continue reading

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Time Travel

Time travel has always been intriguing to me. Right now, the only way it seems possible is through relativity. That is, when we go fast enough (at a speed approaching the speed of light), time around us actually slows down. This would mean that we could travel into the future, but with that method, there … Continue reading Time Travel Continue reading

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What’s Your Sign?

Ok… I’ll admit when I was younger I was really into astrology. It was a fascination fed partly by my mom, who kept around a copy of “The Secret Language of Birthdays” and would consult it regularly, nodding in solemn agreement with the book’s judgement of character. I had a horoscope app on my first […] Continue reading

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The Universe in Dots

Let’s say the average human has a lifespan of 80 years. To make it a little easier on our calculations, we’ll bump it up to 100 years. Let’s represent that as a dot. The species Homo Sapiens has been around for roughly 200,000 years. If the human lifespan is shown as a single dot, the […] Continue reading

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Blog 01: Megamasers

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has recently captured an awe-inspiring picture of a distant “exotic” galaxy, UGC-6093. It is an active, barred galaxy–this means the center, featuring a bar across the illuminated center, hosts an active galactic nucleus. In this center region, matter is sucked into a supermassive black hole, thereby emitting the intense radiation that … Continue reading Blog 01: Megamasers Continue reading

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The Incredible Scale of the Universe

There’s really no other way to phrase it: the universe is enormous. With our current level of technology, it might as well be an infinite space, but there is a limit to our universe. Our best guess as to the size of the universe right now is that the universe is around 93 billion light … Continue reading The Incredible Scale of the Universe Continue reading

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