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Extremophiles Aiding the Search For Extraterrestrial Life

Image Source About six months ago, scientists retrieved samples of water that are nearly two billion years old from the depths of a mine in Timmins, Ontario. They are now attempting to determine whether or not any life exists within the liquid. If in fact lifeforms are present within the water, this would be yet […] Continue reading

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Weird Life on Titan?

Image Source People are fascinated by the Universe for a variety of reasons. Some are intrigued by black holes, while others may be obsessed with the formation of stars and planets. But one thing is for sure, the possibility of life elsewhere is definitely an exciting topic no matter what you’re interested in. When we […] Continue reading

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Miller-Urey experiment

One of the most mysterious questions of human beings is that: how did life come to existence? Where did first trace of life come from? One hypothesis is that conditions and elements on early Earth gave rise to the first single-cell organism. To testify this hypothesis, chemists Stanley Miller and Harold Urey animated the conditions […] Continue reading

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UK Astrobiolgy Centre Searching For Life In Space

The UK atrobiology centre is seeking life outside of earth. The astrobiology field is still developing because we have not found any life forms of any kind outside of earth. But the UK centre is determined to succeed. They believe that Mars has a high probability of containing life. However, the surface of mars is […] Continue reading

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On the Hunt

During class recently we have been talking a lot about the Drake Equation and extraterrestrial life. Tying all of the various topics that we have discussed together has been this concept of “astrobiology.” Class over the past couple weeks was the first time that I had ever heard the term astrobiology (that could be my […] Continue reading

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The toughest animal on the planet

Most creatures require a specific set of conditions to survive: a certain amount of oxygen, temperature, pressure, food, etc.  However, some animals can live in conditions so extreme they kill almost everything else.  These animals are called, fittingly, extremophiles.  One extremophile is the tardigrade, more commonly called water bears or moss piglets. In general, tardigrades […] Continue reading

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Slime molds are smart?

During class on Wednesday, I promised that I would post this story that I read on slime molds following the interstate system.  By the way, this is related to astronomy because “astrobiology” is part of astronomy :) Photographic evidence! The scholarly journal article is from the preprint server called arXiv – Are motorways rational from […] Continue reading

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