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Sky and Telescope

Sky and Telescope This website is very cool!  It shows an easy to understand layout of what planets, stars, etc. you will be viewing in the night sky and where they will be moving throughout the night and week.  It also gives you categories of different celestial objects you can try to search for in … Continue reading Sky and Telescope Continue reading

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The Perks of Infinity

The good thing about the universe is that there a lot of things. It has got something for everybody. Take a look at these artworks: What I ultimately learned from this course was that, somewhere out there, these places have to exist. They better do. Image and Image and Image and Image and Image and […] Continue reading

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Gravitational Slingshots

I always wondered why doesn’t the sun slow space probes down when they are leaving the Earth for outer planets. Isn’t there a risk that the probe might change its trajectory and fall into the sun? There is. You see, the more distant the space probe gets from the Sun, the more potential energy it […] Continue reading

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Trous Noirs And trous noirs

For an explanation of the title, see the link at the end. If you are seriously, irreconcilably frustrated by your significant other (or lack thereof) and you never want to see your significant other (or yourself) ever again, please accept a sincere piece of advice from me: Do not- I repeat: DO NOT throw them(or yourself) in […] Continue reading

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Relativistic Doodles

This post explains how my illustration of general relativistic time dilation works. This is the parent post. Here is an image of a simple classical timeline: There are 2 observers: green and red. They have their own watches. The red observer shoots an arrow towards the green observer. The position of the arrow vs. the […] Continue reading

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The Hubble Telescope

After reading about the power of different telescopes, I became interested in learning more about the famous Hubble Telescope. I found a video that explains some of the telescope’s mechanics and I think it’s worth the watch. What is really fascinating is the sensitivity the Hubble Telescope has. It can detect a candle from Tokyo from […] Continue reading

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To Stretch or Not To Stretch

Physics has the distinction of hosting the one of the weirdest concept hierarchies  Don’t get me wrong: physics is beautiful in its intricate connections. But sometimes, especially in the case of modern physics, one feels something like: So, most of us know about special relativity. A quick summary for the unfortunate: Special relativity establishes the speed […] Continue reading

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Twinkle Twinkle Little Planet

Sounds wrong because the extra syllable blemishes the aesthetic quality of the symmetry of the rest of the poem. Planets do twinkle, in fact. Its just that we do not notice. And it is the hallmark of a truly good (and bored) scientist to correct a misconception, even if it is only superhuman vision that […] Continue reading

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