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November, 2015

Jalen Chang Awarded Fall 2015 Downing Grant

Jalen Chang, an Arts and Science senior and HART major, has received a Downing Grant for travel during the fall semester to Hamburg and Dresden, Germany for research on his Honors thesis, Nationalism in Context—Viewing Friedrich’s Landscapes in their Homeland.  Chang’s Honors thesis advisor is Christopher Johns, the Norman L. and Roselea J. Goldberg Professor…

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Susan Kane Lectures on Threats to Libya’s Cultural Heritage

Cyrene, Leptis Magna, Sabratha, Ghadames.  Stretching from the Mediterranean Sea to the heart of the Sahara, Libya was a crossroads for many ancient cultures, including the Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans.  Today Libya’s cultural heritage is facing significant threats and damage.  Since the revolution of 2011, these dangers include not only unmanaged, unregulated development, but also…

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Riyaz Latif on Panel at the Frist to Discuss Art and Literature of Islamic World

Persian epic literature is filled with daring heroes, doomed lovers, and mighty rulers.  Join Riyaz Latif, Mellon Assistant Professor of History of Art at Vanderbilt, Paul Vasterling, artistic director and CEO of the Nashville Ballet, and Ginny Soenksen, assistant curator of interpretation, Frist Center for Visual Arts, for a discussion of two important tales, the…

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Morna O’Neill Addresses the Intersection of Photography and Art

Former HART Professor Morna O’Neill returned to the Vanderbilt campus on October 29 to deliver two lectures in conjunction with Vesna Pavlović’s “Lost Art” exhibition on display at Zeitgeist Gallery.  O’Neill, associate professor of art history in the Department of Art at Wake Forest University, teaches courses in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century European art and the…

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HART Professors Speak at Symposium on Campus Land Use Plan

From exploring city planning in the ancient Mediterranean world to understanding how theater can play a role in classroom design, the Vanderbilt University Land Use Symposium on November 2 includes experts participating  from across campus as the university begins to develop a comprehensive land use plan.  Held in Alumni Hall, the all-day symposium features a…

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