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July, 2017

VU’s Employee Appreciation presents “Art in the Afternoon” July 18 at the Fine Arts Gallery

Vanderbilt’s Employee Appreciation invites the University community to visit the Fine Arts Gallery in Cohen Memorial Hall on Peabody campus for “Art in the Afternoon” on Tuesday, July 18, from 12-2 pm. The event is a chance to enjoy the afternoon while viewing two exhibits currently on display:  American Modernism at Mid-Century:  The Work of Morris Davidson…

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Vivien Fryd’s Book on Sexual Trauma in American Art Set for 2018 Publication

In her book, “Against our Will”: Sexual Trauma in American Art Since 1970, to be published by The Pennsylvania State University Press in 2018, Vivien Green Fryd, professor of history of art, examines how and why feminist artists, working from the 1970s to the second decade of the twenty-first century, represented and challenged the dominant…

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Cheekwood’s Historic Restoration to Reclaim its Origins Now Unveiled to Visitors

In January 1929 Mabel and Leslie Cheek began the new year by receiving the first of many floor plans from their recently appointed architect, Bryant Fleming of Ithaca, New York. The drawings provided by Fleming outlined a four-story home whose impressive façade was to reflect the premiere design choice of eighteenth-century English aristocrats.  The interior…

Posted by on July 5, 2017 in Events, HART, VRC

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