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Vivien Fryd: Female Artists Addressed Themes of Sexual Violence Long Before #MeToo Movement

Social media has brought sexual assault into the public eye, but bearing witness to sexual violence in popular culture didn’t begin with the invention of tweets and posts, according to Vanderbilt art history professor Vivien Green Fryd. “What’s happening today with the #MeToo movement is a continuation of the feminist movement of the 1970s,” Fryd said….

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Veronica Ikeshoji-Orlati to Present AIA Lecture on February 21 at the Parthenon

Music was an integral component of daily life in the ancient Mediterranean world. The importance of music to religious ritual, celebratory banquets, personal entertainment, and even mythological narratives is made manifest through a wide variety of literary, visual, and archaeological evidence. In one region of South Italy (or “Magna Graecia”) alone, nearly 1,700 vases decorated…

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Vivien Fryd Featured in Radio Interviews About Her Latest Book

Vivien Green Fryd, professor of history of art, will be interviewed during the months of February and March on various radio programs across the country. The focus will be on her latest book, Against our Will: Sexual Trauma in American Art since the 1970s, which was recently published by The Pennsylvania State University Press. Her…

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Emily Jordan Presents Digital Heritage Project at Celebration of Learning

Emily Jordan, a student in Betsey Robinson’s fall semester HART 2815 course, Digital Heritage: Methods and Practice, participated in the Center for Teaching’s Celebration of Learning held February 4 in Alumni Hall. The event, “an exhibition of students as producers,” featured students from all over campus sharing what they have learned, created, designed, and discovered,…

Posted by on February 13, 2019 in Digital Humanities, Events, HART, News, Student/Alumni, Vanderbilt University, VRC


Memorial Service for Barbara Tsakirgis Set for February 23

The History of Art Department is deeply saddened by the loss of Barbara Tsakirgis, beloved colleague and teacher, who died at home on January 16 after a three-year battle with ALS. A renowned scholar on ancient Greek domestic architecture, she was a professor of history of art, emerita, and classical studies, emerita, having joined the…

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Andrea Seri to Present “Cultures in Clay” Lecture on February 6

Often called the cradle of civilization, the ancient Near East witnessed the emergence of remarkable cultures from the fourth through the first millennia BCE. From those cultures surfaced novel systems of writing that addressed the range of lived experience, artistic and literary expression, and history and politics. While plentiful but not ubiquitous, clay became the…

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Trinita Kennedy to Lecture on Italian Renaissance Marriage Chests on February 6

Elaborately decorated wooden wedding chests known as cassoni were an integral part of Italian marriage rituals during the Renaissance. Commissioned in pairs and shaped like ancient sarcophagi, they were paraded from the bride’s house to her husband’s after the wedding. Throughout the marriage the chests provided storage and seating and were among the most prestigious furnishings…

Posted by on February 1, 2019 in Events, HART, Lectures, News, Vanderbilt University, VRC

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