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Norman Yoffee Opens Classical and Mediterranean Studies Lecture Series on September 19

Old Assyrian texts from Mesopotamia, ca. 1950-1750 BCE, shed light on merchants and markets in Mesopotamia and the relationship between merchants and the Old Assyrian state. In his September 19 lecture entitled New Perspectives on Ancient Trade, Mesopotamia ca. 1950-1750 BCE, Norman Yoffee, professor emeritus, Departments of Near Eastern Studies and Anthropology, University of Michigan,…

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Vanderbilt Libraries Hosts ‘Cultural Heritage at Scale’ Symposium on June 2

Exploring the ethical dimensions of “crowd-sourcing with a human face” is one of the goals of the “Cultural Heritage at Scale” symposium sponsored by Vanderbilt University Libraries and held Friday, June 2. The all-day event is open to scholars, students and other interested individuals, and HART’s VRC staff attending are Millie Fullmer, Shelby Merritt, and…

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X-Peri and the Dada Effect: Readings of Contemporary Experimental Writing

Presented in conjunction with Vanderbilt Fine Arts Gallery’s current exhibition is X-Peri and the Dada Effect: Readings of Contemporary Experimental Writing, an event to be held in the gallery on Thursday, May 18, at 7 pm in Cohen Hall. Joining Nathan Spoon, X-Peri‘s associate editor, will be X-Peri contributors Samantha Prychodko, Jamie Thurman, and Alex…

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Digital Humanities Colloquium to Examine Promise of 3D Immersion for Study of Medieval Culture

Lynn Ramey, associate professor of French, will present Learning Medieval Culture through 3D Immersion: Problems and Possibilities on Wednesday, April 19, at 4:10 pm in 344 Buttrick Hall. Her talk, the final event in the inaugural Vanderbilt Digital Humanities Colloquium series, will examine the exciting promise of 3D immersive environments for the study and research…

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Exhibition and Symposium on April 13 to Share Multiple Life Lessons of African American Seniors

The celebratory exhibition of genealogy books, works of art, autobiographies, and community histories produced by The Wisdom of the Elders classes (2012-2015) and African American Voices of Past and Present classes (2015-2017) will be held Thursday, April 13, from 10 am-12 pm at the Sarratt Center Promenade. Seniors will be on hand to showcase and…

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Jeffrey Collins to Focus April 13 Goldberg Lecture on Development and Dispersal of Incense Boats

Beginning in the late fifteenth century, the spread of European merchants and missionaries in pursuit of new territory was accompanied by an unprecedented tide of Western material culture, including objects and implements associated with Catholic Christianity. Among the most striking was the silver incense boat or navicula, typically crafted of silver and closely modeled on…

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Nancy Floyd Presents Photography Lecture at Ingram Studio Art Center on Tuesday, April 11

Nancy Floyd, juror for the Department of Art’s 2017 Allan P. DeLoach Memorial Prize in Photography, will present a lecture Tuesday, April 11, at 3:00 pm in room 220 of the Ingram Studio Art Center. Floyd, professor of photography in the Ernest G. Welch School of Art & Design, Georgia State University, will talk about…

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karawalkerafter the deluge

Rebecca VanDiver Presents Talk at Denison University as Part of Vail Lecture Series

Rebecca VanDiver, assistant professor of history of art, presented a lecture on April 3 at Denison University, which was part of the Vail Lecture Series and sponsored by the Art History and Visual Culture Program. VanDiver addressed “States of Emergency: Water as Metaphor and Agent of Black Trauma in Kara Walker’s 2006 ‘After the Deluge’…

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Opening Reception for “The Shadow of the Sun” Exhibit on April 7 in Central Library Gallery

A once-in-a-lifetime celestial event will occur this year on August 21 when the first solar eclipse in 99 years will sweep across the United States. Nashville is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country with full view of the eclipse. In anticipation of the celestial event, Vanderbilt University Libraries is hosting an exhibition…

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Students of Betsey Robinson Present Papers at Undergraduate Writing Symposium on March 26

Students Cates Saleeby and Maggie Cassidy presented papers in the panel on “Meaning in the Ancient Italian Peninsula,” in the Undergraduate Writing Symposium held Sunday, March 26, in the Commons Center with reception afterward at the John Siegenthaler Center on the Peabody campus. In “A City Decorated with Clues: An Exploration of Roman Graffiti,” Cassidy…

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