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October, 2018


Joseph Eilbert Receives Award at Vanderbilt Undergraduate Research Fair

The Department of History of Art proudly congratulates Joseph Eilbert ’19 (physics and history of art), who was one of four students recognized for their exceptional posters and presentations at the fifth annual Vanderbilt Undergraduate Research Fair held September 27 at the Student Life Center. A record 167 students shared their research projects in a campus-wide…

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Amphorae Boscoreale Museum

Eleni Hasaki to Deliver AIA Lecture on November 1 at the Nashville Parthenon

Greek pots, with their delicate shapes, lively scenes, and varied contexts of use and deposition have enjoyed great popularity with ancient and modern viewers alike. They have also been scrutinized as documentation of gender roles, extent of literacy, social and economic status, and as media for political propaganda. Scholars have recently widened their research scope…

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Sheri Shaneyfelt Named An Immersion Coordinator in College of A&S

Sheri Shaneyfelt, principal senior lecturer of history of art and director of the department’s undergraduate studies, will serve as one of 16 Immersion coordinators in the College of Arts and Science. “This inaugural class of Immersion coordinators represents faculty colleagues across our three divisions,” announced André Christie-Mizell, dean of undergraduate education for the College. “Each…

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Sara Galletti to Lecture October 29 on History of Stereotomy in Ancient and Medieval Mediterranean

Stereotomy—the art of cutting stones into particular shapes for the construction of vaulted structures—has been practiced over a wide chronological and geographical span, from Hellenistic Greece to contemporary Texas. Yet the history of pre-modern stereotomy is little understood, and nineteenth-century theories about the art’s Syrian origins, its introduction into Europe by the crusaders, and the…

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Julia Kamasz Wins Staff Excellence Award for the College of Arts & Science

Julia Kamasz, HART’s administrative assistant, received the top, college-wide Staff Excellence Award for 2018 at the College of Arts & Science staff meeting held Friday, October 19. The award, presented by A&S Dean John Geer, includes a $1,000 bonus and an engraved plaque. The College of Arts & Science Staff Excellence Awards recognize staff who…

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Moshe Fischer to Deliver AIA Lecture October 25 at the Nashville Parthenon

Moshe Fischer, professor emeritus, department of archaeology and ancient Near Eastern civilizations, Tel Aviv University, will deliver the AIA Lecture at 6 pm on Thursday, October 25, at the Nashville Parthenon. Fischer, director of the Yavney-Yam excavations, will address “Greece and Rome in the Holy Land:The Impact of Marble.” He will focus on the impact…

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Digital Futures, Archaeological Pasts: Student-Curated Exhibition Opens October 25 in Fine Arts Gallery

During the spring semester 2018, nine history of art students studied a selection of ancient Mediterranean antiquities in the collection of the Vanderbilt University Fine Arts Gallery. The objects at the center of the exhibit range in date from the sixth century BCE to the first century CE and include Greek and Etruscan vases, a…

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Photographic Exhibit Captures Pompeii’s Ongoing History As An Archaeological Site

Destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 CE, the ancient city of Pompeii has captured the imagination of the public since it was first excavated in 1748. Pompeii Archive: Recent Photographs by William Wylie, on view in the Vanderbilt Fine Arts Gallery from October 25 through December 6,.features a selection of recent work…

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Jochen Wierich Chairs Panel at Southeastern Museum Conference October 8-9

Jochen Wierich, senior lecturer, department of history of art, organized and chaired a session at the Southeastern Museum Conference (SEMC) held October 8-9 in Jackson, Mississippi. The panel, entitled “From Effigy Pipe to Punching Bag: Negotiating the Native American Object in Art Museums,” focused on the challenges and opportunities of representing Native American identity in…

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Explore Ancient Rome with Goldberg Lecturer Bernard Frischer in a Hands-on Workshop on October 11

Bernard Frischer, director of the Rome Reborn project and professor of informatics at Indiana University, will present “Rome Reborn VR: A Demonstration of Recently Published Applications,” a hands-on workshop (with lunch) held Thursday, October 11, from 12:30 to 2 pm in the History of Art’s Visual Resources Center, 134 Cohen Memorial Hall. Participants will be…

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