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March, 2017

The Stakes are High: Finding the Major That Is the Right Fit for You

Take a look at Richard Greenwald’s recent article in The Daily Beast (March 25, 2017). “What about what you major in? It matters, but less than you think,” Greenwald writes. “While it can be easy to denigrate anthropology, philosophy or art history, the reality is that the top 25% of those majors will out earn…

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Kim Shelton to Address Nemea and the Panhellenic Sanctuary of Zeus at the March 30 AIA Lecture

Kim Shelton, associate professor of classics and director of the Nemea Center for Classical Archaeology, University of California, Berkeley, will deliver the Archaeology Institute of America lecture entitled “Nemea and the Panhellenic Sanctuary of Zeus,” on Thursday, March 30, at 6 pm in the Nashville Parthenon. Shelton will present the Sanctuary of Zeus at Nemea…

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Central Library Hosting a Jane Austen-Era Dance on Sunday, March 26, in the Community Room

Step back in time and join us for a Jane Austen-era dance on Sunday, March 26, from 5-7 pm in the Community Room of Vanderbilt’s Central Library, 419 21st Avenue South. No experience is necessary—we’ll learn various English Country Dances together! The evening features Susan Kevra, caller, and The English Channel Band. The event is…

Posted by on March 24, 2017 in Events, HART, VRC

Moveable Dada (This is Not Your Dada’s Dada!): An Evening of Art, New Music, and Conversation

Moveable Dada (This is Not Your Dada’s Dada!): An Evening of Art, New Music, and Conversation will be held on Thursday, March 23, beginning at 7 pm in Vanderbilt’s Fine Arts Gallery in Cohen Memorial Hall. This program is an exciting collaboration between the Fine Arts Gallery and the Blair School of Music, with the…

Posted by on March 22, 2017 in Events, Fine Arts Gallery, HART, VRC


Stanley Abe to Address Duplication in Chinese Sculpture in the March 23 Goldberg Lecture

In China, identical sets of figures, serial images, replications in archaic styles, and later copies were produced over a long period of time. New works were provided with ancient inscriptions; old objects could be inscribed anew. In modern times forgeries meant to deceive collectors proliferated. Duplication was integral to the production of sculpture from ancient…

Posted by on March 18, 2017 in HART, Lectures, VRC

Panel Examines Artistic, Scientific, and Political Impact of Drone Technology at The Wond’ry on March 22

The “Artistic, Scientific, and Political Impact of Drone Technology” is the focus of a panel discussion featuring visiting artist Tivon Rice, University of Washington, with professors Lutz Koepnick, moderator(Department of German, Russian and East European Studies); Vesna Pavlović (Department of Art), and Steven Wernke (Department of Anthropology). The event will be held Wednesday, March 22,…

Posted by on March 17, 2017 in Events, HART, VRC

Lynne Lancaster Examines Unique Building Technique in Roman North Africa for March 16 AIA Lecture at the Nashville Parthenon

Lynne Lancaster, professor of classics and world religions at Ohio University, will address “Out of Africa: How Roman Olive Oil Production Created Architectural Innovation” in an Archaeological Institute of America lecture scheduled for Thursday, March 16, at 6 pm at the Nashville Parthenon. Lancaster will examine a building technique used in Roman North Africa for…

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Fine Arts Gallery Exhibit on Dada and the Continuing Allure of Anti-Art Opens Thursday, March 16

Recognizing the centenary and far-reaching importance of a pivotal modern art movement, the Vanderbilt University Fine Arts Gallery has partnered with Vanderbilt’s W.T. Bandy Center for Baudelaire and Modern French Studies to present The Dada Effect: An Anti-Aesthetic and Its Influence, an exhibition that will be on view from March 16 through May 27. An…

Posted by on March 14, 2017 in Events, Fine Arts Gallery, HART, Lectures, VRC

Recognizing Women Artists: Wikipedia ART+FEMINISM Edit-A-Thon at Heard Library on Tuesday, March 14

“Wikipedia’s gender trouble is well-documented,” said Mary Anne Caton, senior consultant for educational and interpretive programs at the Heard Library. “Art+Feminism is an initiative to improve coverage of women and the arts on Wikipedia, and to encourage female editorship.” HART faculty, staff and students are invited to join other faculty and librarians on Tuesday, March…

Posted by on March 14, 2017 in Events, HART, Student/Alumni, Technology, VRC

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