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How Art Museums in Houston and Environs Prepared for Harvey and its Aftermath

Posted by on Thursday, August 31, 2017 in Events, HART, VRC.

Over the past five days, Tropical Storm Harvey, the worst storm to hit the Houston, Texas, region in 50 years, has devastated the country’s fourth-largest city.  Along with being home to one of the most diverse populations in America, Houston and its surrounding areas also house a stunning accumulation of modern, contemporary and community-based art.
How did museums throughout Houston and its surrounding area prepare for the Category 4 hurricane and the catastrophic flooding in its wake? And how are they dealing with, or preparing to deal with, its effects?

The Huffington Post (August 30, 2017) reached out to a variety of art institutions in the area, who graciously took the time to describe how they readied themselves for Harvey and what they plan to do after the storm subsides.  Read more….

*Rothko Chapel, Houston

For more information, ARTnews has a webpage on the hurricane that “is being continuously updated with details about Harvey’s effects on Texas’s art community.”

One Comment on “How Art Museums in Houston and Environs Prepared for Harvey and its Aftermath”

Thanks for sharing this important information. MFA Houston has been updating their webpage and reported late 8/30 that the collections and staff in place were safe. The Menil Collection condition was unclear.

Mary Anne Caton
Engagement, Programs, and Exhibits
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maryacaton on August 31st, 2017 at 5:59 pm

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