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Earth-like planet discovered

Very recently, on April 23 of this year, astronomer Eric Agol has discovered a very Earth-like planet 1,200 light years away. Through a very complex algorithm Agol had created, he had found this planet orbiting a star in a habitable … Continue reading Continue reading

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Where are the aliens?!

Many years ago, the possibility that aliens exist always seemed fictional. Although this possibility seemed negligible, there always seemed to be the hope for their existence. Humans have sworn through time to have seen UFOs, or extraterrestrial life, trying to … Continue reading Continue reading

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Interstellar Propulsion

               There is no better way to learn about space then to actually go there. We can only discover so much from far off images and spectrometry techniques. This is why organizations like NASA and DARPA are trying to develop new methods of space travel to send us to other stars. There are a […] Continue reading

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Why Have They Not Visited?

The Drake Equation allows us to estimate the number of civilizations in our own Milky Way Galaxy. Even if conservative numbers are used for each of the factors in the equation, the equation yields a value in the hundreds or even thousands for the number of civilizations in the galaxy. With the numbers of galaxies […] Continue reading

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The Fermi Paradox

The galaxy is a pretty big place.  With around 400 billion stars, it seems very likely that some of those stars have planets that can support life, that some of those planets have intelligent life, and maybe some of that intelligent life becomes space-faring.  Even if we say the chance of a star having a […] Continue reading

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