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Cosmic Calendar: The Month of January

After studying the Cosmic Calendar, very little appears to have happened in “the first month of the universe.” Aside from the Big Bang in January and the formation of the Milky Way in March, most of the action begins in September, reaching a climax in December. Of course, the notion that little happened in the […] Continue reading

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Name That Constellation

The Night Sky, showing the Milky Way, at La Silla Observatory in Chile. Source: Wikimedia Commons.   The constellations visible from the Western Hemisphere differ from those visible from the Southern Hemisphere. In English, we typically use names derived from Greek and Roman mythology for the constellations, referring to constellations such as Orion and Pleiades […] Continue reading

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One of Last Week’s Mass Extinctions

When people talk about the Cosmic Calendar – the entire history of the universe, from the Big Bang up until this very moment, plotted onto a Gregorian calendar – we often focus on the infinitesimal space that human history has taken up. According to the Cosmic Calendar in our textbook, modern humans as a species […] Continue reading

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