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The Best Astronomy Apps

Top Five List of The Best Apps In the Apple Store Now SkySafari (4.99) Allows you to view the the position of celestial bodies as far back as 1 million years back and as far forward as 1 million years in advance. Purchase  comes with subscription of Skyweek. StarMap (4.99)- A point and locate app that […] Continue reading

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Many people are familiar with zodiac signs; as kids we often look at them for weekly, daily, or monthly advice from things ranging from crushes to personalities. Whether or not our zodiac sign determines who we are, the constellations they are based off on is entirely a reality. Each month, as the Earth moves around […] Continue reading

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It’s kind of in the name

captain’s blog, Stardate 69536.8 you, potentially: “wait Phil, isn’t the Stardate of blog post 2 is pretty close to the Stardate of blog post 1?” me: “Shhhhhhhhh.” This last week we looked deeply into the movement of the sun throughout the year. Without discussing it, we were inherently learning about solstices and equinoxes, a topic […] Continue reading

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