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Blog #3 James Webb Space Telescope

The flagship of the next generation telescopes launches in October 2018. The James Webb Space Telescope is an infrared telescope with its focus on the very first light from the Big Bang. With its 6.5 meter primary mirror and various cameras and spectrometers, the JWST will study the boundaries of the observable universe as well […] Continue reading

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The Hubble Space Telescope

Until this past September when LIGO heard gravitational waves,¬†our knowledge of the universe has come from visual¬†observations. When Galileo began using his telescope in the early 1600s, our notion of the natural world completely evolved. Today, we have telescopes whose … Continue reading Continue reading

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The Tidal Forces

Tides are a well known and commonly occurring natural phenomenon that most people have witnessed. While many people just accept tides and don’t really think much about them, they are prime examples of how much of an impact other objects in our Solar System have on seemingly normal occurrences. The tides on a beach like […] Continue reading

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Zero Gravity on Earth

OK Go, a band famous for their awesome music videos, just released the music video for their newest song. And the whole thing was filmed in zero gravity! However, the music video wasn’t filmed in space and the band wasn’t in orbit. So how did they achieve this feat? There are types of planes called … Continue reading Zero Gravity on Earth Continue reading

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