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A Year in Space

Just last month Scott Kelly finished what many of us would deem unbearable: spending a year in space. For almost an entire year, Scott Kelly lived with fellow Russian Cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko on the International Space Station in order to see the effects that long durations in zero-gravity conditions have on the human body. Prior to […] Continue reading

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Jovian Moons…Alien Life?

One question that all humans are curious to find the answer to is: Are we alone in this universe? Based on pure numbers, it is highly probable that life exists elsewhere in the universe. Despite this high likelihood for extraterrestrial … Continue reading Continue reading

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Climate Change – A Political Battle

The Earth’s climate has undergone changes throughout its 4.5 billion year history. Most of these climate changes can be attributed to small variations in Earth’s orbit that affect the amount of solar energy that the planet receives. Recently, the Earth … Continue reading Continue reading

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