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Global Astronomy Month!

Wow! April is quite the month. The sun is shining, finals are approaching, and it is Global Astronomy Month (GAM)! Prior to this class, I didn’t know April was GAM. However, today I was trying to decide what to write my blog about, and I stumbled upon an article about GAM. From my research, I’ve […] Continue reading

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The Solar Shepherds

Rings. It’s what many senior girls are looking for right now, just as graduation approaches. Spring brings the rings, right? The giant planets, however, sport perhaps the most breathtaking rings of all. What many won’t notice about rings of giant planets, such as Saturn, are its imperfections. The darker regions of the rings do not […] Continue reading

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Extrasolar = ExtraSPECIAL?

By far, the coolest thing there is about extrasolar planets is the possibility of discovering another Earth. Of course, this is merely an opinion of my own, but I’d like to think that a lot of people agree. Statistically speaking, it is not only possible but also extremely probably that there is another Earth in […] Continue reading

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What is the Fermi Paradox?

The Fermi Paradox, first proposed by physicist Enrico Fermi, addresses the question, “where is all the intelligent life in the universe?” It might seem that the answer to this is obvious; life is incredibly rare. But let’s just run a few numbers anyway. The low-end estimate of how many stars are in just in our […] Continue reading

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