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MEET the home of E.T.?

Liquid water, energy and organic material. According to NASA’s director of planetary science, James Green, these are the major criteria needed for life to form. Green and the rest of his NASA colleagues have also identified four extraterrestrial worlds in our Solar System that hold particular potential for the possibility of life. These worlds encompass one … Continue reading MEET the home of E.T.? Continue reading

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The “Archaeological-Form” of the Drake Equation

  The Revised Equation   The Drake Equation is a very useful tool to speculate on one of the most intriguing questions of all time: are there other intelligent lifeforms out there in the universe? The equation helps to predict the odds of the existence of other civilizations. It is all still speculation, but recently … Continue reading The “Archaeological-Form” of the Drake Equation Continue reading

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The Great Filter

A lesser-known cousin of the Fermi Paradox is “The Great Filter.” The filter refers to a point in a species’ development that destroys most, if not all life. Essentially, the reason that the paradox exists must be because something is stopping other civilizations– all other civilizations. For us Earthlings, there are two possibilities: the filter … Continue reading The Great Filter Continue reading

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Project Orion: Blasting Off to the Stars

In the late 1950’s and early 1960’s the US was in the midst of the cold war. At that point, the American space program had fallen far behind Soviet rocket technology. Desperate to upstage the Soviets, the US began to pour funding into seemingly crazy technological research. One of these projects being Project Orion. In … Continue reading Project Orion: Blasting Off to the Stars Continue reading

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Mass Extinction, Soon?

It’s no secret that that an asteroid impact 65 million years ago caused a chain of environmental disasters. Countless species were driven to extinction, evaporated by the impact, suffocated by volcanic ash, eradicated by the rapid climate change. It’s unlikely that we’ll ever have the technology to predict when the next extinction event will happen. […] Continue reading

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What Is Hyperthermophile

Hyperthermophile is an organism that is able to live and thrive at high temperatures, compared to the suitable environment for survival for most of the lives on Earth. For example, a hyperthermophile can handle a temperature above 80°C, which is 176-degree Fahrenheit. The first identified hyperthermophile is Sulfolobus acidocaldarius, which is both a hyperthermophile and … Continue reading What Is Hyperthermophile Continue reading

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Life in Our Solar System

One of the biggest questions that philosophers and scientists alike ask: Are we alone in the universe? Is it possible that there’s sentient life outside of our small blue planet? The Fermi Paradox asks us this question. The universe is so big. Using even the most conservative estimations of exoplanets in the habitable zone, calculations […] Continue reading

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From Blink-182 to Alien Hunting

Ex-Blink-182 member Tom DeLonge quit the band back in 2015 to get serious about his search for extraterrestrial life. While this may sound ridiculous, this dude is actually supported by more than just his mom. He started a new institution called the “To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science” and works alongside former Deputy Assistant Secretary … Continue reading From Blink-182 to Alien Hunting Continue reading

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Unusual Extremophiles

We’ve discussed the various types of extremophiles and brainstormed some potential habitats for these microbes, but there are some examples that I think are worth hearing. Snottites are these cave-dwelling microbes that ingest volcanic sulfur and excrete acidic compounds. Their name comes from the fact that colonies of snottites actually appear slimy and almost snot-like. The … Continue reading Unusual Extremophiles Continue reading

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Not-So-Astronomical Budgets

Featured image Getting things to space is no small feat. It requires a lot of manpower, intelligence, time, and, unfortunately, money. Space exploration, travel, and research are certainly worthy pursuits – I don’t think many people are opposed to what NASA does. But their projects seem to cost a lot of money, and is sometimes … Continue reading Not-So-Astronomical Budgets Continue reading

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