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Life on the ISS

The construction and operation of the International Space Station is a crowning paragon of human achievement. Though it is such a grand and awe-inspiring system, I am often curious about the smaller, tedious details regarding life on the station for the astronauts and cosmonauts. I looked up some youtube videos and found some rather amusing … Continue reading Life on the ISS Continue reading

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Privatization in Aerospace

In the past week, the Trump administration published a document, obtained by the Washington Post, that described its plans to cease funding for the International Space Station and leave the station up for grabs for the private sector. This is being done to free up the NASA budget for other Aerospace Endeavors. NASA currently spends … Continue reading Privatization in Aerospace Continue reading

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Zero Gravity

For most children, at some point in time, the only logical career path in the entire world is astronaut. They usually say it with reverence, for the word is akin to something half way in between magician and alien, full of all the magic and surprises that only someone who hurdles through the final frontier … More Zero Gravity Continue reading

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Studying the Effects of Space Travel on the Human Body

NASA is conducting an experiment to determine the effects of living in space on the human body. Such studies have been done before, but this one is unprecedented in the length of time the subject will spend in space (a full 365 days) and in that the participants are identical twins. One astronaut named Scott […] Continue reading

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Dark Matter Discovered?

Scientists announced today that they may have finally found dark matter. Dark matter is the invisible matter making up most of the universe, but scientists can’t see it because it emits no light. ┬áScientists only know it exists because dark matter’s gravity bends light – gravitational lensing – and because stars are orbiting in galaxies […] Continue reading

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