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Eppur Si Muove

… were the words (supposedly) quietly uttered by Galileo following his trial with the Catholic church. The Church disapproved of his support of the Copernican system which depicted the Sun being at the center of our solar system with Earth orbiting it. This contrasted with the Church’s view that we were at the center ofContinue reading “Eppur Si Muove” Continue reading

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waves and particles and dualities oh my

What is light? It’s a simple question, really. And simple questions have simple answers, right? Sometimes they do, yes. But, tragically, this time it doesn’t. Most people know light acts light a wave. It refracts (thanks Pink Floyd), reflects, and diffracts just light waves are supposed to. Similarly, the electromagnetic spectrum illustrates the wave-like propertiesContinue reading “waves and particles and dualities oh my” Continue reading

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Tides and the Planets

Primarily, the tides on Earth are controlled by the Moon. The gravitational pull of the Moon causes the tides to fluctuate between high and low. Though small, even the Sun has a tiny impact on the tides. Whenever both the Moon and the Sun align, the tidal range, However, what about the other celestial bodiesContinue reading “Tides and the Planets” Continue reading

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The Thirty Meter Telescope

Currently, the largest single-aperture telescope in the world, the Gran Telescopio Canarias, spans 10.4 meters (about 32 feet). This telescope can see 500 million light-years deep into space, which was thought to be impossible out of a single, segmented reflecting telescope until it was built in 2006. While 10.4 meters is large, astronomers worldwide feltContinue reading “The Thirty Meter Telescope” Continue reading

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The Disappearing Road

Tides are produced by the difference in the gravitational force of the Moon on the near and far side of Earth; this force causes tidal bulges on the side of Earth facing the Moon and the side of Earth opposite the Moon. During Earth’s rotation, high tides happen when a place goes through the tidalContinue reading “The Disappearing Road” Continue reading

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Spectroscopy is the act of “fingerprinting” stars by observing their spectra. A spectrum is produced by filtering light through a prism, resulting in a rainbow of color. There are three different types of spectra: continuous, emission, and absorption. A continuous spectrum is produced when the light of a hot, dense object is directly filtered throughContinue reading “Spectroscopy” Continue reading

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In 1687 Sir Issac Newton discovered that the tides of the ocean on Earth are primarily caused by the gravitational pull of the Sun and the Moon. This idea was supported by his universal law of gravity that asserts that any piece of matter in the universe will attract any other with a force varying directly asContinue reading “Tides” Continue reading

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A New Method of Fighting Cancer?

While absorption spectra can often be associated with the use of identifying particular patterns in which gases absorb the energy from a light source, we must also acknowledge that the chemical composition of certain elements can be determined depending on where the lines are present within a absorption spectra. Interesting developments are currently taking placeContinue reading “A New Method of Fighting Cancer?” Continue reading

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