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Disputing Climate Change Deniers

Even though the vast majority of the scientific community is in agreement about the reality and seriousness of climate change, there are still many people, especially in the United States, who believe climate change is a hoax. In this post, I want to address some of the most common arguments climate change deniers use, so … Continue reading Disputing Climate Change Deniers Continue reading

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Middle Man Mars

The terrestrial worlds are known to be Mercury, Venus, Earth, the moon, and Mars. While they all have some similarities to one another, like rocky surfaces and much smaller sizes than relative to the remaining planets in the solar system, they also have many differences. Venus and Earth are alike in ways that the otherContinue reading “Middle Man Mars” Continue reading

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Putting the “Super” in Supernova

Within the past year, astronomers have made an incredible discovery about 4.5 million light years away from us. A supernova, but not just any supernova, the most powerful supernova recorded in history ever spotted by astronomers. This explosion is so powerful that astronomers did not even know that it was possible to have such aContinue reading “Putting the “Super” in Supernova” Continue reading

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The Sun

It is fascinating to think about the Sun. As we all know, it is our solar system’s star. The Sun’s energy, in the form of heat and light, is absolutely essential to all life on Earth. Plants need the Sun in order to go through photosynthesis and live, animals need the Sun for its foodContinue reading “The Sun” Continue reading

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