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What makes the Tides happen?

This blog will be referencing information sourced from the Tides: Crash Course Astronomy #8 video. We know that mass has gravity, and more mass had more gravity. This raises the question, why does the moon have a greater impact on the Earth’s tides than the Sun, even though the Sun has such a greater gravitational …

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How Stonehenge is Astronomical

Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument that is basically a ring of stones. Located in Salisbury, England, tourists come everyday to see the beautiful mystery. There are many legends and myths about how Stonehenge was created. According to different theories it could have been built by wizards, Danes or it was ruins from Roman Temples. Although […] Continue reading

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Gravity in Solar System

Acceleration due to gravity (g) is different for different planets due to their diverse masses and radii. Physicists usually figure out the by the formula g = GM/r**2, where G is the Universal Constant of Gravitation (6.67 * 10**(-11)), M is the mass of the planet, and r is the radius of the planet. By […] Continue reading

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Tides on Titan

As we learned in class, different celestial bodies can have varying tidal forces depending on their masses in relation to the object of interest. This phenomenon was mainly explored by the tidal forces on the Earth by the Moon and the Sun. In order to calculate the gravitational forces between two objects, we utilized the […] Continue reading

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