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The Speed of Gravity

If the Sun were to disappear, how long would it take for us to notice? This question usually brings about an answer of ‘8 minutes’, or about the time that it takes light from the Sun to reach Earth. However, Earth is orbiting the Sun, and if it were to instantaneously disappear, would Earth still […] Continue reading

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Blog 2: Tidal Changes

Water tides are a very interesting topic, yet most people think very shallow about them. Previously, all I knew or cared about tides was whether it was safe to go in the water. After a little research, I learned how important they are in terms of climate change. Humans recently have been dramatically altering the […] Continue reading

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The Hubble Telescope and Spectroscopy

When many people think about the Hubble Telescope, they tend to think of some of the most spectacular photos that it has captured over its five missions (with an example displayed in Figure 2). However, some people may fail to recognize the importance of the spectrographs that the Hubble Telescope produced and the valuable information […] Continue reading

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Discovering the Photoelectric Effect

I’ve always been taught that light is both a wave and a particle, and I’ve never faltered in believing it. However, I chose to challenge myself and question what I’ve always known to be true. Accordingly, I explored the origins of the photoelectric effect to understand how physicists arrived at their conclusions. In my research, […] Continue reading

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Blog #2: Archeoastronomy

Reflecting on how science and astronomy have grown and blossomed into what we study today really illustrates how amazing ancient feats of astronomy and observation were. The impacts of ancient observations of the night sky still effect us today, including in the name of months, the days of the week, and the length of our days and years. Continue reading

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Blog#2 Gravity

Ancient Greek philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle deduced that moving heaven bodies makes circular motion because a circle is the perfect heaven path. Later scientists such as Tycho claimed that heavenly bodies are pushed by angels. Nobody previous to Isaac Newton was aware of the concept “Gravity.” Perhaps the most famous legend about gravity […] Continue reading

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