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Dark Matter

In studies of galaxies and star clusters, astronomers have found that many of these bodies appear to move in ways that don’t reflect the amount of visible matter in the system. For instance, some galaxies appear to orbit much faster than they should be based on the amount of stuff we can see within them. […] Continue reading

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Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear fusion is the process that powers our sun, as well as all the other stars in the Universe. At the most basic level, nuclear fusion is the combination of two light atomic nuclei to form a heavier one along with a release of energy. This reaction is governed by Einstein’s E=mc^2 equation, where some […] Continue reading

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Comparing the Atmospheres of Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars

We may not think much about the presence of Earth’s atmosphere in our day-to-day lives, but it has an immense impact on us. Earth’s atmosphere contains the oxygen we need to breathe, protects us from many of the Sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, helps stabilize the Earth’s temperature, and is responsible for weather patterns. If […] Continue reading

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