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Kepler Mission

Kepler Kepler was launched by NASA in March 2009 and the main mission is to find habitable planets like earth orbiting other stars in our Milky Way besides searching for exoplanets is this galaxy. Earth like planets must be a terrestrial planet, the size must not differ much from the earth’s, and it must be … Continue reading Kepler Mission Continue reading

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At the end of a rainbow

Ever wonder where a rainbow ends or starts? And what is at the rainbow’s end? Children might think a pot of gold awaits for them there. I might not be able to answer those questions but I can tell you about the colors of the rainbow. The reason why the have different colors.Its because, the … Continue reading At the end of a rainbow Continue reading

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Tides How does tides occur? It is due to combination of gravitational pull of the Sun and moon. Tidal force affects the whole earth but the most significant effect is tidal bulge of ocean. The ground only moves by several centimeters but the sea level can increase up to several feet. Spring tides occur during full … Continue reading Supermoon Continue reading

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Absolute Speed

Light travels the Earth seven times per second, 8.3 minutes to reach the Earth from the Sun, 43.2 minutes to reach Jupiter and the list goes on. One would assume that light travels at an infinite speed because an observer will instantaneously see the light after turning on a torchlight. It is not the case as the … Continue reading Absolute Speed Continue reading

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Hi friends, I’m Akrimi Fauzi or Kimi for short. I came all the way from Malaysia to pursue my study in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering in Vanderbilt University and now I am already in my sophomore year. Yayyyy. Ever wonder where the picture below was taken??? It was taken when I was on my way to … Continue reading Heyyyyyy Continue reading

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