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Blog #8 Drake Equation

Photo summarizing the Drake Equation and possible variables. The Drake Equation is our best estimate for the number of communicating extraterrestrial civilizations that exist in outer space with whom we might be able to communicate. The equation was originally devised in 1961 by the astrophysicist Frank Drake and focuses on a series of assumptions about […] Continue reading

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Blog #7 Extremophiles

Photo of an extremophile water bear captured using an electron microscope. Extremophiles are creatures which are capable of living in extreme environments beyond what one might imagine are the limits of life. Extremophiles have attracted attention from the scientific community because of their potential to exist in the most extreme environments in outer space. One […] Continue reading

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Blog #6: Detecting Extrasolar Planets

The photo above features the transit method of detecting extrasolar planets. Detecting extrasolar planets is a very delicate and challenging task for scientists. The distances between stars and relative sizes of stars compared to planets make it extremely hard to pick them out. Stars are also typically a billion times brighter than planets. There are […] Continue reading

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Blog #5: Pluto

The above photo was captured by the New Horizons Spacecraft and enhanced by NASA in 2015. Pluto is classified as a dwarf planet and is located in the Kuiper Belt in the far reaches of the Solar System. The average surface temperature on Pluto is around -233°C. This is because Pluto receives very little sunlight […] Continue reading

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