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Are Extremophiles Our Roommates?

Extremophiles are microorganisms that can survive in extreme conditions, such as high temperatures or great acidity. A recent study has found extremophiles in a location much more familiar to us, and it’s actually in the homes of humans. The study took samples from water heaters across all 50 states. Around 50% of the tested samples … Continue reading Are Extremophiles Our Roommates? Continue reading

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The Twins Study

NASA has conducted a study that looks at the effects of being in space on the human body, and they are calling it the “Twins Study”. The two test subjects are identical twin astronauts Mark and Scott Kelly. Mark and Scott are the only twins to have traveled to space. The information collected can be … Continue reading The Twins Study Continue reading

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Has Anyone Been Hit By a Meteorite?

We are pretty used to things falling from the sky unexpectedly, as this often results in humans falling victim to injury. So it is pretty natural to ask, has anyone been hit by a meteorite: a piece of rock and metal that has survived passage from space through Earth’s atmosphere and ultimately fallen to Earth’s … Continue reading Has Anyone Been Hit By a Meteorite? Continue reading

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Cars and the Greenhouse Effect

Earth experiences a warming through the greenhouse effect: the absorption and re-emission of light from the planet’s surface by compounds in the atmosphere such as carbon dioxide and water. Greenhouse gases are necessary for keeping life on Earth warm enough to survive, but an increase in their concentration has led to a undesirable heating of … Continue reading Cars and the Greenhouse Effect Continue reading

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An Artificial Sun

In November of 2018, Chinese scientists announced their work on an artificial sun. Their goal is to develop the same nuclear fusion process that occurs within the sun (the conversion of hydrogen into helium) on Earth to ultimately create a source of unlimited clean energy. One of the biggest challenges of this project is to … Continue reading An Artificial Sun Continue reading

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Tidal Forces and Black Holes

Tidal forces on Earth are caused by the uneven gravitational pull from the moon (and less from the sun) on opposite sides of the planet. But what are tidal forces like for objects near a black hole, a celestial object we are unable to see or explore? The information scientists have collected on black holes … Continue reading Tidal Forces and Black Holes Continue reading

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Historical Astronomers in Context

Johannes Kepler was born in the German town of Weil der Stadt on December 27, 1571. Kepler was one of the most significant astronomers in history. He developed the current heliocentric model of planetary motion using Tycho Brahe’s naked eye observations. Contrasting his previous beliefs, Kepler discovered that planets orbit the sun in ellipses, not … Continue reading Historical Astronomers in Context Continue reading

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The Power of the Moon

The moon has always been a central part of human cultures, whether through film, art, music, or folklore. You have probably heard myths about the full moon and its effects on human (or animal) behavior. Here is some information on many historical beliefs about the power of the moon: Fertility: It was commonly held that a … Continue reading The Power of the Moon Continue reading

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Campbell Flower: Vanderbilt Student

Class of 2022 class photo, taken during orientation. Image courtesy of Vanderbilt University
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