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One Strange Shield

About a year ago National Geographic released a television series titled “One Strange Rock.” It can be found on Disney+. This series looks at how life on Earth survives and thrives. It is especially interesting because it tells this story through eight astronauts (and Will Smith!) who have spent about 1,000 days in space. AnContinue reading “One Strange Shield” Continue reading

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The Moon’s Tug

Three weeks ago, for my Earth System Dynamics course, I listened to a Radiolab podcast about the distance between the Earth and the Moon. In “The Times They Are a Changin’” paleontologists talk about how coral shells taught us that the Earth used to have shorter days. Their shells have tiny bands, an alternating patternContinue reading “The Moon’s Tug” Continue reading

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Zooming Out

One of the coolest videos I have ever seen is the Powers of Ten video. In 1977 Charles and Ray Eames—the inventors of the Eames Office, a famous furniture company—in collaboration with IBM, created a video beginning in Chicago and gradually zooming out, transporting the viewer to the outer edges of the universe. Every tenContinue reading “Zooming Out” Continue reading

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Welcome to Gator’s Guide to the Galaxy. Over the next four months I will be learning about the solar system and posting about things that I find interesting. I am not exactly sure what these posts will be about specifically, but I know that what they will all share in common is that they areContinue reading “Introduction” Continue reading

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