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Monkeys in Space!

The pioneer monkey in space was named Albert II. On his mission, he made it 83 miles above the Earth. However, despite surviving the trip up, Albert II died when his parachute malfunctioned on his way down.  On his trip, he was under anesthesia, and attached to sensors so that scientists could monitor his vitals… Continue reading Monkeys in Space! Continue reading

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Beyond our Solar System

Extrasolar planets are a recent discovery in the time of our Universe. So far, there are 3,475 confirmed exoplanets. These planets are most often comparable to the gas and ice giants that we have in our Solar System. However, there is a constant search for planets that are similar to ours: in the habitable zone around their respective… Continue reading Beyond our Solar System Continue reading

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Life Outside Earth: Are we alone?

  Ah, aliens. The beings of science fiction movies. The topic of many a conspiracy theory. Many have doubted their existence, but in all likelihood, they are real. It is highly improbable that humans here on Earth are the first form of technology producing life in the Milky Way Galaxy. With today’s technology, thousands of… Continue reading Life Outside Earth: Are we alone? Continue reading

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Saturn and its Moons

Saturn lays outside of the asteroid belt among the giant planets. With a total of 53 moons (or 62 pending a few new discoveries),  Saturn is a planet that yields a huge amount of force in the Solar System. The moons orbiting Saturn are all unique and have distinct features. Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, has an atmosphere… Continue reading Saturn and its Moons Continue reading

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A collision is coming. Andromeda, our spiraled galaxy neighbor, and the Milky Way will collide in  4 billion years. This process will result in the two galaxies interacting for 1-2 billion years as they rearrange the orbits of stars and planets before finally merging into an elliptical galaxy. The movements of the galaxies toward each other… Continue reading Milkomeda Continue reading

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Finding the Way with the Stars

    It is amazing for me to think about the human race finding their way before the invention of the modern GPS. While Google Maps and Waze are modern conveniences accessible to all with a smartphone, the sky has a long standing tradition of helping people find their way. In ancient times, sailors would… Continue reading Finding the Way with the Stars Continue reading

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The Speed of Light

Growing up I had frequently heard the phrase “Faster than the speed of light” but until now, I had no idea what that truly meant. Prior to this class, all I knew was that faster than the speed of light meant FAST, and that all human travel was slow in comparison. In fact, according to… Continue reading The Speed of Light Continue reading

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