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Hubble Space Telescope

The Hubble Space Telescope was launched in 1990 and is still in service today. Just as Galileo’s first telescope opened the door to a new world beyond what the naked eyes can see, the Hubble Space Telescope broke through heaven’s gates and showed us a world beyond the boundaries of space-time, capturing even images of […] Continue reading

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Constantly Falling

Contrary to popular belief, there is gravity in space, in fact gravity is everywhere. On the International Space Station, there is as much gravitational force as it is on Earth’s surface. But then… why are those astronauts (in the video) merrily floating around? Not to ruin the party or anything, but they are not floating […] Continue reading

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Historical Astronomers in Context – Kepler

Johannes Kepler’s(1571-1630) love for astronomy started at a young age. He had amazing mathematical prowess although challenged by poor vision which limited his ability in astronomical observation. During his prime years, he worked as an assistant to astronomer Tycho Brahe who collected numerous and accurate data of celestial positions in hope of building his own […] Continue reading

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Before Telescopes and Stuff

Today, we know a lot about the stuff out there: stars, galaxies, supernovae, black holes, and such. We probably know more about outer space than our own ocean depths. We owe most of the knowledge to the technologies developed through centuries after centuries of hard work and perseverance. Various observatories on mountains, the Hubble Space […] Continue reading

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Big big numbers make no sense don’t they?

We all know the universe is 13.8 billion years old. But… How long ago was 13.8 billion years ago? How about 65.5 million years ago, when the dinosaurs die out? How long ago was that? Ourselves, being such small creatures with so short a lifespan, how could we comprehend the largeness of such numbers? Well, […] Continue reading

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Introductory Post

Figure 1.1. A picture of me at Virginia Beach during last year’s spring break.
It was very cold, and I was probably thinking something along the line of “hmm, isn’t it amazing how there are more stars out there than the grains of san… Continue reading

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