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Dwarf Perspective

There are many celestial bodies in the Kuiper Belt. One notable object is a dwarf planet named Makemake. This dwarf planet was one of the objects NASA used to demote Pluto from its previous planet status down to dwarf planet status. NASA wasn’t aware of other bodies that looked like Pluto, and when they foundContinue reading “Dwarf Perspective” Continue reading

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Gravity Waves

Gravity waves have been speculated to exist ever since Einstein set a speed limit to the universe, the speed of light. When Newton came up with the gravitational force equation, it only considered mass and distance when calculating the force. It did not take into account that if one mass disappeared, then that information ofContinue reading “Gravity Waves” Continue reading

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The Cosmic Calendar

The Cosmic Calendar is created by shrinking the life span of the entire universe down into the length of the Gregorian Calendar. In this time, a human life is less than a second long and modern humans have been around for about two minutes (The Cosmic Perspective). When I think about this, it is almostContinue reading “The Cosmic Calendar” Continue reading

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I love physics

Hello and welcome to my blog! I hope to fill this website with interesting topics about physics and astronomy. My name is Khalil Greene and I am a student at Vanderbilt University. My major is physics and I plan to minor in astronomy so that I can go to graduate school and become an astrophysicist.Continue reading “I love physics” Continue reading

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