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The End of a Course, But The Start of a Passion!

What a ride this class has been! The sheer amount of new topics and discoveries I learned about is ridiculous, but my favorite has definitely got to be regarding the unknowns and potentials for life in our universe, or even our own Solar System! Learning about worlds such as Europa and Titan, and the liquid … Continue reading The End of a Course, But The Start of a Passion! Continue reading

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Space Travel?

Jumping into hyperspace to make a lightspeed escape is typically something normally associated with the Millennium Falcon’s capabilities. Our technology, sad to say, is far from the point to where we could safely travel at such speeds. Therefore, even though there are plenty potential hotspots for investigation for life, civilized or microbial, habitable conditions, or … Continue reading Space Travel? Continue reading

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The Dawn Mission!

As I was reading through Chapter 12 I came across text on the Dawn Mission and my curiosity led me to searching for more! For something I hadn’t heard of before, its profound contributions and interesting factoids are beyond astonishing! I am a huge – and I mean HUGE – Star Wars fanatic, and to … Continue reading The Dawn Mission! Continue reading

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Jovian Planets

Jovian planets always interested me. The term “Jovian” is naturally everyone’s first guess – derived from the Latin root, Iovis, or Jovis. It’s a 3rd declension, genitive singular noun, so any classics nerds should know that it very specifically translates to OF Jupiter. I don’t know, I just find it interesting that an entire class … Continue reading Jovian Planets Continue reading

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Saturn’s Rings and Shepherd Moons

One topic regarding Saturn’s rings that I found extremely interesting was the concept of its Shepherd Moons and how they contribute to the uniformity of the rings. If my understanding and memory are correct, this phenomenon is governed by conservation of energy. Essentially, the moons are on opposite sides of the ring, where the moon … Continue reading Saturn’s Rings and Shepherd Moons Continue reading

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Yep, Physics Works. – Blog2

Physics is all around us in our daily lives, it’s the reason things…are the way they are. The reason we get from point A to point B and exist on this Earth the way we do. And yet some people don’t buy it, and it drives certain professors to use this demonstration: While entertaining, it … Continue reading Yep, Physics Works. – Blog2 Continue reading

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HW3: Historical Astronomers in Context

Question 2 I chose Galileo Galilei (February 15, 1564 – January 8, 1642). Galileo Galilei’s contributions to Astronomy were primarily observational. From what we know about his very own scientific method, however, we understand how important those observations really were. It’d be very easy to simply dismiss someone who simply took existing technology and just … Continue reading HW3: Historical Astronomers in Context Continue reading

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HW Blog1 – The Universe and its expansion

The topic associated with astronomy that intrigues me the most, at least with regards to the list provided, is definitely the vastness of the Universe. As a nerdy fan of late night, I can’t help but find Neil deGrasse Tyson’s appearances extremely entertaining. While I find that his talks often lack substance or depth, his … Continue reading HW Blog1 – The Universe and its expansion Continue reading

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Intro Post

Hiya, this is my intro post for ASTR2110. I’m Michael Fung, a junior from Wisconsin. I major in neuroscience, but music has always been a part of my life. For my post, wasn’t sure what to talk about so figured I’d do a shameless plug. Y’all should go to Choral Prism! I sing in Chorale, … Continue reading Intro Post Continue reading

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