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Think of the Coral Reefs

Climate Change is for real. That is true, without a doubt. Like no cap. Furthermore, all evidence points to the species Homo sapiens as the culprit. Due to our overuse of fossil fuels, releasing previously sequestered carbon into the atmosphere, our industrial and agricultural practices releasing other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, and the total […] Continue reading

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Don’t Flip Out! Earth’s The Real Chick Magnet

To begin with, some background is necessary. The Earth has a magnetic field surrounding it, which enables our planet to deflect cosmic rays and incoming particles. This in turn protects our atmosphere and allows us to maintain it at a stable temperature and pressure. In essence, it is essential for the maintenance of most life […] Continue reading

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Our Lady of Guadalupe

To me, one of the most interesting historical phenomena related to the cosmos occurred in modern day Mexico in the year 1531. This is just after the Spaniards had conquered much of the region through bloodshed and war. However, one moment of peace emerged from the area. Our Lady of Guadalupe is a well-known image […] Continue reading

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Old Space Dudes

You may be wondering… why is there a football? Good question. You will see. Anyways, we’re talking about old dudes who studied the sky. Doesn’t sound very interesting, right? But some of them were pretty cool. I mean, not like Hannibal riding elephants cool, but about 2 log scales below that. Anyways, we got some […] Continue reading

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The “Ten”ets of the Universe

Our brains struggle to comprehend the magnitude of our universe. We make comparisons based on that which we can see, yet it is totally inadequate to what reality holds. For example, the average person is just under 2 meters tall. But their size of the Earth when compared to that is substantial. The mean diameter […] Continue reading

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Lavender Sea

Pixabay Lavender is a beautiful flower that goes by the scientific name Lavandula angustifolia. It thrives many soil conditions and is a fairly hearty plant. It is commonly used as a decoration, for which it is superb, as it can bloom twice in one season and comes in a variety of colors. It has also […] Continue reading

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