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James Webb Space Telescope Discovers “Impossible” Galaxies

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the James Webb Space Telescope: the successor to the Hubble Telescope and most powerful space telescope built to date. It was launched into space a little more than one year ago with the goal of observing the first galaxies and investigating our cosmic origin. In this short […] Continue reading

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Lack of Cratering: Io and Europa

During class, we have discussed magnetospheres, tectonics, geological activity, and their relation to the cores of the “Big Five”: Earth, Venus, Mercury, the Moon, and Mars. Specifically the moon has very obvious cratering across its entire surface, and its craters remain intact for billions of years. This is due to it not having an atmosphere […] Continue reading

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How Do Moons Form?

Have you ever considered how Earth got its moon in the first place? Astronomers have come up with several theories for why each planet in our solar system has a certain number of moons, and how these moons formed. For Earth’s moon, it is thought a collision with another planet shortly after formation of the […] Continue reading

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Historical Astronomers in Context

Of the given astronomers, I chose Tycho Brahe (December 14, 1546 – October 24, 1601): Tycho Brahe created precise instruments for observing and measuring the sky before the creation of the telescope. He kept a meticulous record of stars and planets- in particular Mars along with a new model of the solar system which would […] Continue reading

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Moon Phases in the Southern Hemisphere

While reading Chapter 2 in the textbook, I realized how much of a difference living in the southern hemisphere would affect the way you view space. I think we generally tend to think of things as being similar if not the same in the southern hemisphere, especially something as universal as the stars in the […] Continue reading

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Hi! I am Emily, a sophomore mechanical engineering student currently in ASTR2110. One of my hobbies is riding dirt bikes and motorcycles. Additionally, I help my step dad modify off-road vehicles as a hobby. Check out our work here. Continue reading

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