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iPhone App: Sky Guide

Fifth Star Labs website An application on the app store called “Sky Guide: View Stars Night or Day” allows its users to “study thousands of stars, comets, and satellites” (according to the App Store). Created by Fifth Star Labs LLC, the app turns the iPhone into a telescope of sorts, highlighting interesting constellations, planets, and… Continue reading iPhone App: Sky Guide Continue reading

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Astro Apps

Observing the night sky can often be tricky when you are trying to locate stars or planets that all look the same to the naked eye. News stories always pop up about fun things to see in the night sky that will be easily visible for us such as two planets overlapping in their perceived… Continue reading

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SkyView App

With the prevalence of advanced technology in today’s society, it is no surprise that there have been many mobile applications, or ‘apps’ dedicated towards astronomy that are available to purchase and peruse for astronomy lovers. One app that caught my interest was the SkyView App. The SkyView App is free on iTunes and on the… Continue reading

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StarMap 3D+

In the spirit of being in an astronomy class, I felt inclined to download a stargazing app onto my phone. StarMap3D+ was recommended by a multitude of people to me, so I downloaded it. The app costs $2.99 in the Apple App Store, but it is worth it if you want a quality stargazing app… Continue reading StarMap 3D+ Continue reading

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A great App!

After I started taking Astronomy 201 I started to get curious about what stars I was seeing at night and if they were actually planets or not.  Since I live on campus I don’t have a telescope to look closely at the sky so I wasn’t sure how I could observe and learn more.  Then […] Continue reading

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Star Walk: Planetarium in Your Pocket

When looking up into the sky at night, usually I can’t identify all the constellations above.  The Star Walk app knows where you are and tells you what stars and planets are above you.  You can hold it up wherever you are and it is like having a mobile planetarium.  Even in the city where […] Continue reading

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SkyView gives you the entire sky at your palm… and for only $1.99! By pointing your Iphone camera anywhere in the sky, SkyView will show you constellations, stars, planets, and satellites that you can tap and zoom in on to learn more. It provides you with a search interface that will tell you exactly where … Continue reading » Continue reading

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Moon App!

Apple has an application for your iPod and iPad that helps you easily learn everything you would want to know about the moon. It is kind of like Stellarium for your phone! Whether you want to know the phase the moon is currently in, its Azimuth or altitude, this app can tell you. I think […] Continue reading

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Google’s Sky Map

When looking around for astronomy applications for Android I came across Google’s Sky Map. This is a popular stargazing application that is free on the Google Play store. One of the best features of this app is the location and sky tracking. This feature will track exactly where your phone is pointing in the sky. […] Continue reading

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If you have the slightest interest in astronomy, I found this great app for iOS for observing the planets in our solar system and tracking their location throughout the day. This app is great for observing all the planets in the sky at the current time and what constellations they are near. You can view […] Continue reading

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