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The app SkyView is a great way to apply your growing knowledge about astronomy to actual space! While it may be easy to look at a star map and tell which stars are which it’s much harder to do that when you are actually looking up at them from Earth. The app SkyView allows youContinue reading “SkyView” Continue reading

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Blog #1: An Overview of Astronomy Apps

Today, we are going to explore a popular, modern, and convenient means of exploring our universe, stargazing apps. Available on the Apple App Store (iOS) and the Google Play store (Android), these apps use a multitude of information our mobile devices take in, including location (GPS or Wi-Fi), date and time, compass direction, and gyroscopic information… Continue reading Blog #1: An Overview of Astronomy Apps Continue reading

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Sky Map

In our Solar System class, we’ve been using Stellarium to investigate the relative motion of constellations and our Sun.  Beyond the ability to lapse time, the features that were most helpful to me were the ones that labelled the constellations and drew lines in between the stars that formed these constellations. As an amateur astronomy student, I’ve […] Continue reading

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